New Movie on Netflix!!

Hey everyone! I know its been forever since I’ve updated this blog but its kind of hard to blog about projects that haven’t come out yet. I might have to restructure my blog a bit cause it makes it look like I’m not working but I am. I’m just not doing short form work that much any more and really focusing on feature films. Meaning it’s usually a year or so before I can update my blog for projects that I’ve already worked on but anyway.  I have a new movie that I worked on as the 2nd Assistant Director for the film!


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Happy New Year and New Music Video!!

Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Productive Happy 2013!!!


And what an awesome way to start the new year off then with a new music video from From The Ground Up Records artist Young Dirt. The record is called “Hello”. The Video was directed by Wuz Good and we shot this video in Orlando!

Check out the video and some pics below!

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Go Radio and more updates!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been a little busy with work, traveling, life, family, etc. But I’m back with a couple of updates. This first one is from the band from Fearless Records called Go Radio!!!

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 Hey World! Sorry for the delay on the blog but I’ve kind of been all over the place between dental surgery, work and other life events  aka YOLO’ing full force so I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as much. But anyway, while I was gone “Bigfoot” premiered on Syfy!!

Click for trailer

This project we shoot in Seattle in January in the middle of the states biggest winter storm “in the history of a long time!!” Literally we were standing on top of ice and filming at the same time! It was crazy but it was definitely one of those projects that I will never forget. So many hurdles were thrown at us during this project, I was really amazed that we actually finished the movie.

You know a little side story… Sometimes I really think the film Gods try their hardest to hold me back and don’t want me to succeed in this industry but I will continue to have a positive vibe and will never spazz out no matter what situation is handed to me and do it with a smile. For some reason that tends to throw some people off that a 1st AD will have a positive attitude no matter how crazy a situation is but I refuse to be that AD that is yelling, cussing and being very annoying. It very non productive and I will refuse to be that guy. Maybe my style will catch on in the industry but until then I will continue to be me.

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Movie Premiere!!!

Hey world!! Long time no blog! LOL Yeah I know that was whack but check it out! One of the movies that I worked on at the end of last year (American Battleship Warships) is making its film festival debut at the 12th annual Cape Fear Independent Film Festival in North Carolina a few weeks before it hits DVD!

Photo is property of Global Asylum. All rights reserved

“The movie – starring Mario Van Peebles, Johanna Watts and Carl Weathers – will premiere April 27 at the 12th annual Cape Fear Independent Film Festival ahead of its May 15 release date. Director Thunder Levin will travel from Los Angeles for the screening and will host a question-and-answer session afterward…..”

Read full article here: (Source: Greater Wilmington Business Journal)

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“Make It Loud” Music Video

Hey world, I’m back with a music video update this time! This video is “Make It Loud” by Martha Munizzi f/ Pablo! I had a really good time at this shoot. The energy at this shoot was great! Everyone was there having lots of fun and getting the job done at the same time. Martha and Pablo brought there A game with the performances and all of the extras from the different church groups were amazing. And let me not forget about the dancers…. AWESOME! If I can remember right someone one told me they were in some type of competition or television show. Either way they would great. I didn’t even have to show them any moves…

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Kalin Home Furnishings with DME Studios

Hey world!! Sorry for the drought in updates but I’ve been on the road between 2 movies and vacations that I really haven’t had time to update the blog. But anyway, I’m back with a couple of commercials that I worked on towards the end of last year. These Kalin Home Furnishings commercials were directed by Carmen Treffiletti of DME Studios (Director of No Charge). We had a great day on set. We shot a total of 3 spots for Kalin and two of them are already out! Check them out! I know you will enjoy!

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Check out some BTS pics here!! 

2011 Year in Review

What’s up world! I’m using this blog to wish and hope everyone had great and safe holidays. I have to say I actually had a great holiday with my family, friends and traveling! Good times!

As I look back on 2011, I am very proud of the progression I have taken in my career in the film industry. In 2010 I worked on over 30 music video and commercial projects. So my initial goal was to try to go over 50 music videos commercials for 2011.  I started out the year good…the first couple months (January/February) are traditionally slow, but in March things kicked off. I was kind of in a comfort zone with production companies that I had/have a working relationship with, but things changed, some people moved and the work flow was thrown off. Was I prepared for it? No. It took me a little bit to get back on my feet but I came back in the game more focused and kind of forced the progression in my career from music videos/commercials to film to move a lot faster. I kept telling myself, stop BS’ing and pursue longer form projects. So I buckled down and started sending my resume out to every independent movie shooting in the US and Canada.

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