Ben and Ara movie poster

Very excited to log onto Facebook and see one of the projects I worked on the end of last year dropped a movie poster for the project. It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see the movie!! Props to everyone involved!


Be sure to follow our fan page for updates about the film: Look out for announcements in the near future!


Grandmother’s Murder Club – That’s a wrap!

11698633_1685039628374770_872092503190912225_nSo if you read my last blog, you saw that I just completed my 10th feature film as an Assistant Director. Well that film was called “Grandmothers Murder Club”. I flew in to the wonderful city of St. Louis, MO and shot a really cool movie.

Grandmothers Murder Club is a Dark Action Comedy about four Grandmother’s accidently killing a con man and, to cover it up, they have to get rid of the body. When his partner shows up, things go south. The film starred Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch), Pam Grier (Jackie Brown), Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop), and Randall Batinkoff (School Ties) along with a great supporting cast.

I’ve worked in the Missouri before and I had a hunch that these new group of people I would be working with would be great to11753679_1683744221837644_1839090057976632025_n work with. And my hunch was right. Making movies is always so much better to do when you have good people with great attitudes around you. Srikant Chellappa (Director) was great to work with. His attitude and humor was great to have on set everyday. He told me he waited 10 years to do this film because he felt he needed to work his way up to directing a feature. I think it was a good strategy because we knocked this film out of the park. Our actors and actresses, AMAZING! Our producers picked an amazing set of actors and  they were a joy to work with.

I really can’t wait for you all to see it. The goal for this film is to get it in movie theaters. The producing team behind this project is great and I am sure they will do their best to make that happen. Thanks to Srikant, Dan, Kevin and Brian for bringing me aboard this wonderful project! I look forward to working with you guys again.

Oh by the way, Big Body Denzel, my acting alter ego makes another feature film appearance in this movie! Sri was like “Doug, I need someone else working in the grocery store scene” so when you see me in this movie with a  blue apron on “Hank the grocery stocker” its really Big Body Denzel! =) LOL

Until next time, enjoy pictures and links below. There are a lot more pictures on the Facebook page. Go over there give the page a like and don’t forget to smile and #MakeMovies!!!

Facebook Page | IMDB Page


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BTS Pics

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Personal Pics

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Mini Milestone!

So upon making the choice of going into feature films from the music video/commercial world, I really didn’t know if the transition would work or how long I would even stay in the industry at all. Well, 5 years later (with a couple of breaks in between some movies and different jobs), I have just completed my 10th Feature Film! It’s kind of exiting because I didn’t think I was gonna make it past the 2nd feature because it was very hard but after learning the process, making movies, meeting new people all over the country is pretty fun.

I just want to say thanks to all the Studios, Producers, Directors, 1st AD’s that hired me for various jobs. Thanks for giving me a chance to learn something new.  I’m grateful for all of these opportunities I have received over the past few years and I look forward to more journeys around the country and more random stories to tell.



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Grandpa’s Psycho Movie Premier!!

Exciting news everyone! So a film I First AD’d the end of last year recently had a premier in Connecticut. I really wish I could have went up there for the premier to see the film and see the cast and crew but I’m working in another state and just didn’t have enough time. But the show must go on and it did.

A little bit about the film. “Grandpa’s Psycho” is a dark and gritty psychological thriller that explores one small town man’s need to purify the world of sin, one sinner at a time. His medieval and brutal cleansing process directly contradicts the devotion he has for his granddaughter. Tension builds as we discover secrets surrounding the psychotic behavior of this quaint god fearing little town. – Written by Blackhole Films

But let’s rewind back to the beginning. I just realized I haven’t dedicated a full blog about this project yet. I usually don’t post blogs until the movie comes out and since I’ve switched to independent films and not currently working on studio projects, I kind of forget to blog about them when I am allowed too because it’s literally like 2 or 3 years before you see some of my projects I work on.

So anyway, I meet the director Danny LeGare April 2013 on a film now called “Suicide for Beginners” and we’ve kept in contact ever since then and he sent a text and asked if I was busy in two weeks. I happened to be free and two weeks later I was in Connecticut making a movie! And besides it being near freezing temperatures the whole time I was there and my big toe almost falling off because it was so cold, I really had a great time making this movie. Everyone who was attached to this film was fantastic. From the Producer, Director to the PA’s. Everyone one rocked!

It was a wonderful experience and I am proud to announce that the theatrical release of our new feature film starting on June 26th at the Parkade Cinemas in Manchester, CT.  The film will run for 2 weeks. If you are around the area go see and support this film.

Press video from the movie premier.

Check out some pictures I took from set, personal photography and the premier of the film.

From the set of “Grandpa’s Psycho”

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Personal Photography

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Premier Party

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Premiere Photos provided by:

Addition photos can be seen on Grandpa Psycho’s FaceBook Page!

Until the next update Cheers and Make Movies!


Finally made it to LA! #MakingMovies

Hey what’s up world! Guess what?!? As you can tell from the title, I finally made it to LA! Yeah, you can say I was putting it off for a while but I received a phone call that I couldn’t say no too. Nnegest Likké (Director of Ben and Ara) gave me a call and said she wanted to work with me again and she wanted to bring me out to LA to do the project. So fast-forward a month and I’m in LA in full fledge pre production for the movie “Everything But a Man”! We had a couple of hiccups in pre production but we got rid of the dead weight, corrected the ship and got into production.

“Everything But A Man” is the story of a strong, sexy, successful but lonely career woman who has everything going for her except love. She’s an Ivy League-educated, criminal defense attorney with a lucrative law practice, lives in a million dollar home and drives the latest model Mercedes. The only thing missing from her picture-perfect life is a man. This film is staring Monica Calhoun (Best Man) and Jimmy Jean-Louis (Hero’s).

This production wasn’t the smoothest but I was very grateful for the opportunity and everything that I learned on this project will help me be a better Assistant Director as long as I’m in the film industry. You can read how to react to different situations in plenty of books but those books don’t hold weight to when your feet are in the middle of the fire of a production. Because those of you who are in production know, you never know what is going to happen “on the day” no matter what you have scheduled. Just be ready!

I always have great experiences when I work with LA crews and this project was another. I meet a group of great people on this project. My 2nd AD (Frederick) and PA’s (Damian, Carl, Caleb & Aiesha) that work with me on this project were great. I really wouldn’t have made it to the end of this project without them. Recently (May 25) the film completed the international portion of the movie. I wasn’t able to go down to Haiti for that part of the project but with the conclusion of that portion, I believe the film would be completely picture wrapped except for 1 pickup day for the opening sequence of the movie.   Below are stills from set and some of my pictures I took while roaming around LA. And below those slide shows are some updates from a couple of other productions I worked on the end of last year.

Production Pics from the set of “Everything But A Man”

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Personal Photography

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 “Everything But a Man” IMDB

 Ben & Ara update: I recently caught up with the Producer and actor in the film Joseph Baird over BBQ at Baby Blues BBQ in Venice Beach, CA. He shared with me that this awesome film has been submitted to a number of film festivals across the globe. Its going to go through the festival circuit for a year then hopefully the film will land distribution and get a streaming and DVD deal. I really hope it does. This film was unique and very good. I can’t wait for the world to see it!

 “Ben & Ara” IMDB

 Grandpa’s Psycho update: Danny LeGare (Writer/Director of the film) recently shared on his Facebook page that the film has finished the post production process and plans on screening the film in June!! I’m really excited about this screening, hopefully I can make it up there but right now I’m scheduled to be on another production in Central Florida but I know this film is going to be a good one.

Grandpa’s Psycho IMDB  | Movie Trailer

That’s all I have as far as updates for now. If you are a new visitor to the site make sure you check out all my other pages and services I render. If you are in need of preproduction help visit my Breakdown Services page or My Contact page. Lets Make a Movie!!! Cheers 11102680_10100319886447530_1835872137837590515_n


2014 Yearly Roundup

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog (I seriously need to do better) but I’m here for what seems to be my yearly update. You know I said this before but since I’m not really working with the studios anymore and working with indie films there isn’t much to really update because the films I work on take much longer to come out.

Ben N Ara collageBut with that said, I have two new films that I can actually talk about that I shot this year. The first one was in Hinesville/Savannah, GA called “Ben & Ara“. This was a great project and a somewhat different experience. The state of Georgia recently got the film tax incentives and man did Georgia show up for this project! They rolled out the red carpet in order for this project to even happen and even gave us an awesome wrap party. The crew involved with this project was awesome and really showed southern hospitality through the duration of this project. From the Producers (Samone Norsworthy, Joeseph Baird & Constance Ejuma) to our Director Nnegest Likke and the rest of the crew. Everyone was really great and a joy to work with.

This project also just launched an Indiegogo page. We need to raise funds to complete post-production, which involves editing, sound, music and color correction. Without these things we don’t have a movie, and without your help, we’ll have a pretty difficult time making this dream a reality. No amount is too small so we welcome any and all donations.

Press: WSAV Southern Scene also came to set one day to cover the film.

4 Grandpa's Psycho's collageAnd the other film, I reconnected with director Danny LaGare (“Suicide for Beginners”) in Connecticut for “Grandpa’s Psycho“. The film is a dark and gritty psychological thriller that explores one small town man’s need to purify the world of sin, one sinner at a time. His medieval and brutal cleansing process directly contradicts the devotion he has for his granddaughter. Tension builds as we discover secrets surrounding the psychotic behavior of this quaint god fearing little town. and shot what turned out to be probably my favorite movie I have ever been apart of, besides the cold temperatures. Everything just seemed to worked out artistically for this project. From what I saw from the raw images on the directors monitor, to actors and crew, it just worked. Even when it snowed, we just got rid of the snow and continued. Of course there those days that were tough but we finished and I can’t wait for you guys to see these projects.

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Catching up

Hey what’s going on blog world? I know it’s been forever since I uploaded a new blog but I’ve been locked out of this blog for a minute now. I don’t know how it happened but I’m back in now.

Behind the scenes on "A Love Story" in Wilmington, NC

Behind the scenes on “A Love Story” in Wilmington, NC

What have I been up too? Over the past year I assisted directed a couple more independent films, “A Love Story” and “Room 105”. Both are independent projects (non studio related) so I don’t really know when they are going to come out. Indie’s tend to take longer before they hit market because one might be on the festival market for a couple of years and the other might land distribution and hit stores in a couple months. You never know but when they do come out I will update the blog and let you know when and where you can see the projects.

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New Movie on Netflix!!

Hey everyone! I know its been forever since I’ve updated this blog but its kind of hard to blog about projects that haven’t come out yet. I might have to restructure my blog a bit cause it makes it look like I’m not working but I am. I’m just not doing short form work that much any more and really focusing on feature films. Meaning it’s usually a year or so before I can update my blog for projects that I’ve already worked on but anyway.  I have a new movie that I worked on as the 2nd Assistant Director for the film!


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Happy New Year and New Music Video!!

Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Productive Happy 2013!!!


And what an awesome way to start the new year off then with a new music video from From The Ground Up Records artist Young Dirt. The record is called “Hello”. The Video was directed by Wuz Good and we shot this video in Orlando!

Check out the video and some pics below!

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Go Radio and more updates!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been a little busy with work, traveling, life, family, etc. But I’m back with a couple of updates. This first one is from the band from Fearless Records called Go Radio!!!

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