“We need to talk” now streaming!!

Check it out!! “We Need To Talk” Directed by Todd Wolfe is NOW AVAILABLE on STREAMING & VOD platforms TODAY!

A self-absorbed celebrity gamer, who speaks to millions of fans every day, has to figure out how to talk to the people in his life before he loses them.

A little bit about this project. This was my first project after my mom passed and this was by far my best project I feel as an 1st Assistant Director as far as performance. Coming into this project, my mind was all over the place and I originally turned this project down cause of the timing in life. But my family convinced me to do the project to break the monotony of being home. And so I did. My dad was in the hospital the whole month and change I was gone. It was a lot going on but I’m glad I did it. This project was set up to be great. From the team over at Amplify, to the director being on his A game, to everyone else in production doing the damn thing and of course the actors being absolutely great people and great actors.

Director Todd Wolfe and 1st AD Douglas Martin on set in Fishtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for “We Need to Talk”

Look I could probably talk about the caois in my life and this month and change in Philly all day but I won’t. Be sure to check out all the behind the scene pics that are here, the trailer and check out the movie! That’s why were are here aren’t we? Let me know what you think!!


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A majority of the “We Need to Talk” crew. Zoom into my phone and you’ll see my mom.

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“Suicide for beginners” now streaming!!

Hey guys! Back with a quick update. “Suicide for Beginners” is now streaming on all the streaming sites!!

“Insecure and unhinged, Garrett is dead set on murdering the unrequited love of his life, Mia. When he comes face to face with his victim, his awkward incompetence takes over and things quickly spiral out of control as he finds himself on a deranged path to becoming a serial killer”.

Directed by Craig Thieman

This movie is like one of my first movies that I did. It just took forever to come up. That happens sometimes. I have a few of those. This was one of the last movies I got to bring my mom to set. She got to spend a couple of days on set just to see what I do and see some of how movies are made. She even brought some homemade cakes for the crew to enjoy. A little while ago, my iPhone made on of those videos that remind you of happy and sad times and it made one of my mom during this time. I’m glad it did. I love and miss my mom and glad to see she got to see me living my dream just a little bit.

Shout out to the cast and crew on this project. Patience was needed but we finally get to see some of our work. RIP to the legend Sid Haig. And props to the director Craig Thieman for finishing up this project and getting it out!

Check out the Movie Trailer


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“Father of Flies” streaming now!!

Hey guys! Dropping through with a quick update that “Father of Flies” directed by Ben Charles Edwards is available now on all streaming sites!!

But before you check out the movie I want to take this time to Remember actor Nick Tucci. On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, Nick passed away at the Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut. Nick chose to keep his illness private so that he could continue to pursue his professional and artistic dreams for as long as possible. In the last year, he was able to audition, go on location, and continue the work he loved so much. You continue to rest in peace buddy. We love and miss you.

Douglas Martin (1st AD) & Nick Tucci (Actor) on set of “Father of Flies” 2018

Check out some BTS pics from on set of “Father of Flies”

Make sure and check out the movie! Let me know what you think!! Links are below the movie trailer!

Links To watch the film below!

IMDB | Amazon Prime | iTunes | YouTube

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My first podcast!! if0 Radio

I did my first podcast!!! I had the chance to sit down with the team over at iF0 Radio and we chopped it up about my journey in the film industry. Have a listen when you have time and let me know what you think.

Special shout out to Nilo Leon who I’ve worked with on a couple of films for getting in touch with me about jumping on this podcast. And the host William Zillions for the dope conversation!

Make sure you like and follow all their socials!!!

iF0’s YouTube Page for more content and interviews



William Zillions OFFICIAL Website: www.wecreateus.com.com

William’s IG https://www.instagram.com/william_zillions/


Exciting news!! “North of the 10” is out now and streaming on BET+

“Story of five friends struggling to succeed in Chicago’s entertainment industry while one of them pursues an international romance with a wealthy young heiress”

Download the app and watch it on the big screen now!!! Also check out the music video for the movie. A ton of work went into this project and its good to see this project come to life!!

Cheers to everyone involved and can’t wait to do it again!

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2021 PT 2 OF 3 LETS PLAY CATCH UP! (Chicago and abu dhabi)

So while I was in the middle of the project “The Longest Sleep” in LA, I received a phone call from my film family in Chicago telling me about a project starting right after I finish in LA. After I heard the pitch and what the project entailed, I was like “say no more! I’m in, as long as I get to go to the international portion of the trip”.

So a week after I finish up in LA, I fly back to North Carolina to repack for Chicago. As some of you know, I have roots in the great state of Illinois. I was born in Great Lakes at the Naval base and 2 of my dads brothers lived in Chicago. As we all know 2020 and 2021 a lot of families suffered losses and my family wasn’t spared. Before COVID hit, my last in Chicago passed. My Uncle Bobby was the Uncle that never missed a birthday and called every other Sunday like clockwork. This was my first trip back to Chicago since he passed but because of COVID I couldn’t see my Aunt who is still in Chicago. RIP Uncle Bobby!

My Uncle Bobby and I

But lets get back to the reason I was in Chicago. I got called in the 2nd AD a feature film called “North of the 10”. This film tells the story of five friends struggling to succeed in Chicago’s entertainment industry while one of them pursues an international romance with a wealthy young heiress. I really jumped on this project because a year or so prior, I did an early script breakdown of this script and I was given a heads up about people who they were thinking about putting in the film. One of them was one of my close friends from Film School (Full Sail University) Wes Armstrong. Now if you’ve been following my journey from when I moved to Florida, Wes was one of the directors I worked with the most when I was in the music video phase of my career. We did over 30 music videos and I helped out on his photoshoots when he used to do photos. Only this time, when we reunited in Chicago, he would be on the actors side of things. Just to go through a new phase of life when in school and right after to 10+ years later being on set together was something special.

“If you know, you know” LOL!

So we knock out 4 weeks of filming in and around Chicago. Production wise things are moving and shaking like usual. You know I am super grateful for having a solid team around me during these bigger projects. Cause they aren’t the easiest to get through, you just have to really put your head down, makes sure all the T’s are crossed and you will be just fine at the end. Gets a little stressful in the middle. But we made it. Shout out to Christopher Jennings (UPM), Erika Jacobsen (LP), Colbert Bernard (1st AD) and Dillion Yanson (2nd 2nd AD).

So the 2nd leg of the trip and part of the agreement of this job was to take me to the 2nd leg of this trip. I have been on movies where they film another part of the movie in other locations other then the United States and I never got to go. This film was filming for a week in Abu Dhabi, UAE and I only took to the job so I can experience going that far across the pond. I’ve been out the country a number of times now but I never thought I would get the chance to go to Abu Dhabi.

So we go and we went in did work there. Obviously working in a different country, working with a different crew you’ll have your bumps and bruises but let me tell you, the team from Abu Dhabi is something else. Those guys work hard! They are very passionate about what they do and I hope to work with them again. A really really good team of workers over there. We did 5 days of work over there. I’ve never been to a desert, but man… that heat is something serious. Luckily we got out of there without any of the crew or cast having any serious health issues. This was my biggest job to date. As far as the size of the cast and crew plus the international portion of the job. I was really happy and relieved to get to the end of the project and see it though. Really proud of the job I did. I think we are allowed to pat our selfs on the back. I can go on for days and days about the beauty and cleanliness of Abu Dhabi but I suggest you put it on your travel list. The place is truly remarkable and you will feel like a king once you land and get used to the heat.

Stay tuned for part 3. I have even more fun!


2021 Pt 1 of 3 Lets play catch up!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates but life has been lifing. We all as a world has been going through this covid thing for almost 2 years at this point. And unfortunately it hit my home. And I had to take a break. A much needed mental break because I lost my Dad. It was tough to go through and I was in a pretty low space for a while, still not getting over my mother passing 2 years prior. It been a lot but I’m still strong.

My Dad, Briana (Niece) and I at the NC Aquarium in Emerald Isle, NC

A few months after my dad passed, my friends started calling me about getting back into work. I was reluctant but it was needed. So I end up in LA working with my friend and fellow AD Frederick. He was AD’ing a feature and needed me to 2nd for him. I think this project was a test, I needed for myself to make sure I was done battling my internal battle I was having and could get back to work and be the best AD I could be.

The project was called “The Longest Sleep” by Benjamin Wong. The story is about a single father deceived into a treacherous career as the grim reaper, while his precocious daughter Collette (Cech) grows increasingly suspicious of his whereabouts.

The overall project went well from my end. A lot of the production took place at night, so for those of us who work overnights know the struggle of not seeing the sun cause we are sleep most of the day knows how that went. But we made it through the whole show. With this crew following the COVID protocol and rigorous testing, this was the 1st movie that we made it through with no one catching COVID. My first movie I was filming through the pandemic we had an outbreak and I was low-key traumatized about working through this pandemic but this film restored my faith. I might write about that project one day. But not today.

Frederick and I walking back to basecamp after wrap in Downtown LA.

And Before I sign off of this blog entry, I just want to shout out the producers on this project. I don’t consider myself a “foodie” but the ladies were of Vietnamese and Chinese decent and they put me on some really good food while I was with them. If you haven’t been to LA, I would suggest going just to explore the food scene there. I’ve been there a bunch of times and still haven’t covered it all. But anyway, enjoy some BTS pics I was able to take while working and stay tuned for more information about the film.


“Goodbye, Butterfly” Trailer and release date

After police ignore his suspicions, a family man goes after the oddball down the street whom he believes murdered his 5 year old daughter. Written and directed by Tyler Wayne

GOODBYE, BUTTERFLY arrives in select cinemas and on-demand next Friday (1.15.21) but is available for pre-order on iTunes now: http://apple.co/2Xecng2

DVD available for purchase on amazon! Pre-Order now!!

And if you missed my previous post with all the BTS pics be sure to check that out as well.

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“We Need to Talk” update

Playing catch up on the blog. I’m super behind but I have a bunch of updates!! Here is the trailer for the film “We Need to Talk”

The link to our facebook page is below to keep up with all the updates for this project.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from the “We Need to Talk” team on Facebook!!

“100 Days to Live” Trailer, BTS & Press Release

Very exciting news!!! Cinedigm has acquired North American distribution rights to “100 Days to Live” a psychological thriller set in the world of suicide prevention and mental health. The film follows a woman who grapples with her inner demons by running a suicide support group in Chicago. But when her fiancé is kidnapped by a known murderer, she must race against the clock to discover the identity of the killer, and more importantly — his motive. Directed by Ravin Gandhi.

The film will be released on Apple TV, Amazon, Itunes, DISH, Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, Direct TV, and Vudu on February 2, 2021.

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Enjoy the trailer and BTS of the film before you go.

Here’s a look at some behind the scenes from the film.

Press Links

Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5 | Link 6

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