My First Music Video!!

So let’s rewind to the beginning of what really started my interest into actually filmmaking. The year was 2006 in April. I graduated from Winston-Salem State University in May 04 and I was frustrated with television broadcasting field. I wasn’t really happy with it. I done other “film like” projects but they weren’t done right. They actually kind of sucked but I was interested in it. Doing film stuff allowed me to be free and not be bound by the depressing field of news and all of those sad ass stories.

Oh and before I forget. I want to send a very big shout out to my homeboy J Money! He DP’d and edited this joint! I met him through and old friend in Yancyville, NC. He was a student PCC and I was somewhat interning at this film studio but that didn’t really work out. Anyway, he showed me a lot and taught me a lot about independent filmmaking and we’re still cool to this day. He’s good people!
So check out my first music video I directed! It turned out pretty good I think considering I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing really. Enjoy!

Platinum Playboys “Yes You Are A Hater/Beat Em’ Down, Stomp Em Out”

Big Body

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