Big Move to Orlando & a gospel music video!

So now comes the big move to finally up and leave North Carolina and really pursue my dream in becoming a filmmaker. I had a lot of different things going on in my life around this time. It was pretty crazy. I was living in Greensboro, NC in an apartment, I got laid off of my job I had working in Human Resources at WSSU, I was suppose to be going to the New York Film Academy but my credit wasn’t good enough and trying to juggle a stressful relationship. It was a lot of shit and some stuff just had to end so I can move forward in life.

So while in North Carolina and finding out I couldn’t move to New York, I came across this film school down in Orlando, Florida called Full Sail. I checked it out, went it visited and I was like I’m going to film school down in Florida. Some people didn’t believe that I was gonna threw with it but I did and started to meet new people who were on their grind and I started to put in work.

“Hosanna” was the first music video I did when I got into Full Sail. It was for my homeboy Gove of Flex Entertainment. He was in school at the time towards the end of his program (recording arts) and he need me to shoot a quick and easy video for him. So I did. On this it was just me and my brother Marcus aka M Kutta on the video. Besides the abundance of light rays (Marcus), it was a pretty descent video for shooting it by myself. Once again a growing process and still learning more about what it takes to make a good project.

“Hosanna” by Mainstream Orlando”

Big Body

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