Life Lessons

So still in the early parts of my Orlando experience and meeting new people, working on a lot of outside projects outside of class. I come across some individuals that I though I could trust and possibly have a future working arrangement with. But to make a long story short, even though someone can let you in their house and share food with them (aka break bread) doesn’t mean you can trust them with your money.

Through this “Beast on the Block” project I picked up a new trade in the film industry. 1st Assistant Director! Going into this project, I never did any AD’ing, so I did what any other smart but not smart individual would do. I googled it! LOL On the the real I did a little research and really learned what all that I was suppose to do. And I learned that about 75% of the AD’s job is done in pre-production. I wasn’t used to all of this paper work but it didn’t intimidate me.

So now it’s time for the project. To say the least it was a learning experience. For this project, we had a damn army to say the least to work on this project. I think we had 60 grips and PA”s. The budget was over 20K. You know being new into the film game, I’m thinking “wow we have a big budget and we are shooting on film. This project is gonna be the shit!” Things didn’t really roll like that. The director wanted so many locations and we only had 2 days to shoot it. We flew a DP and camera crew from Cali. It was a lot going on, so I through caution to the wind and said forget it lets do it. So we did it. We went over hours and to top it off, I was suppose to be paid and I didn’t!

Yeah it sucks but out of all of this I learned that you really have to take the business side of the film industry seriously or people even so called friends will take advantage of you.

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