I Got U!

So I have been in Florida for a few months now and one of the guys I meet (Tre Thurman) was in the Recording Arts Program at Full Sail University. And at the end of their program they have this thing called the producers showcase. Which is basically, they form groups and start a new song from scratch. (the beat, the lyrics, mixing and mastering, etc) and part of their presentation at the end of the month is to present the song to a panel of judges. And if they choose, they can shoot a music video for the song.

So that’s where I come in at. I was like cool, let’s do it. The only thing is when doing a session project by the time they actually finish the song, it’s probably about 3 days before the actual presentation. So that means, either pull some strings and get a bunch of equipment for free or not shoot the video. So luckily, I have been getting to know a lot of people in my short span at the school. So I was able to pull equipment and shoot on the 35mm soundstage at the school.

Shoot time!! So when it comes time to actually shoot the video and pull equipment from Candy Land, the instructor that was hooking me up bailed on me and said I can pick the equipment up 2 hours after we were suppose to get it. And on top of that I only had the soundstage for 4 hours. So 2 hours later, we finally get the equipment and shoot this video under 2 hours.

Then comes the post production part. My frat brother Marcus aka M Kutta is not in Florida. He decided to go to NC and be with his family!! LOL! Joking. He was in NC and he wasn’t coming back until the night before the project was due. So I did the rough cut and when Marcus finally came back he added the sprinkes on the edit!



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