Wuk Up Ya Waist!

What can I really say about this project? I was shooting my 16mm project at Full Sail University, which was three 12-hour days and then I had like a 8 hour turn around to AD this music video. To be honest, think this is the video where I coined the phrase “What the F*uck is going on?”

The concept called for a pool party and another location but they fell through and all we were left with was the pool house and the house that we shot at. During the shoot I was half sleep, I didn’t even do a shot schedule, the producer (who didn’t pay me-another story) did the schedule and like I said earlier I was on another shoot, Bregel (the DP) was in the zone but was kind of lost because everything kept changing on the fly and we had to rush things. So he didn’t have adequate time to light they way he wanted too. Wuz Good knew what was going on but had to do a new shot list on the fly because of the locations changed at the last minute. All of that makes for a confusing but fun 18-hour shoot as usual.

Besides all of that and the producer skipping paying a few key positions and running of to LA, the video turned out pretty good.

Crossovah -“Wuk Up Ya Waist” HD [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Wuz Good on Vimeo.

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