A Wild Carpet Ride!!

So where do I start. Oh yeah. Pre production! This is the first video that I have done with the core crew and we didn’t have 17 pre-production meetings and I didn’t mid at all! LOL But it was a little scary at the same time because we had NO meetings. But hey, let’s move forward.

Day 1: We shot the master green screen performance at F.I.R.S.T. school in Orlando. The second location we were suppose to shoot was a downtown penthouse but we ended up losing that location so we just shot the green screen for day 1. That’s where we start the somewhat downward spiral of stuff not going right.

2.7.09 16 Second Stare music video shoot.jpg

Day 2 comes around we have this kick a** location downtown Orlando. I believe we were shooting in this building next to old Club Paris. But something was different. Something happen to the lead singer and the band and he got replaced in the middle of the shoot but I didn’t figure that out till about 3 or 4 hours in. But MurrayMile the director for this project had everything figured out. And on top of that, we went hard (no homo) for 18 hours on the shoot for the 2nd day. Damn that was a long day but it was like my fourth time doing 18 hour days after 12 hour shoots.

I’m not going to ruin the surprise but the final video is going to be tight. We couldn’t really call ourselves filmmakers if everything turned out perfect each project. So he came up with this interesting way to tell the story in the video. So that’s enough talking for now. Check it out!!

2.7.09 16 Second Stare music video shoot

2.7.09 16 Second Stare music video shoot


The Official Video:


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