All Good Things Must Come To An End. . . . .

So there are a couple of things in my life that help me move forward and look forward to another day. One of them is this show. True story, I was sitting in my house in Jacksonville on a Monday night waiting for Monday Night Raw to come on and I was scrolling through the channels and came across Fox (Channel 8) and I came across this show by accident and I couldn’t stop watching it. The story was strong, the characters were strong, the cinematography was strong, editing was strong. Everything about this show is the reason why I am even in the film and television industry.

But you know like every good book, the story has too end. But that’s where the problem comes in. I used to hear from people, “that show is stupid,” “how many times can these guys break out of prison,” blah blah blah . . .

But the truth is that this show went 4 seasons and was amazing in every way amazing can be. At times I felt like I was a prisoner running from the law. I was totally wrapped in this story from beginning to end. And that deserves a big kudos to the writing team, the directing team and the actors.

So my only problem with the show was the ending. Just like the very first episode which I caught by accident when Michael was in the bank getting arrested on purpose to save his brother. I caught the 2-hour series finale by accident. There was no commercials, no media anything telling the fans that instead of the last 6 episode in which they promised. They decided to randomly throw the series finale on a Friday night (not on the normal night). And not tell me of all people.

So my world was crushed but I did get to see the final chapter of the show. I was happy for closure but that show could of stayed on forever and i would of been happy. But at least I still have “LOST” for another season. I don’t know what the hell I am gonna do when that show goes off.

FYI: The picture at the top is a picture of Michael’s back. In the 1st season of the show he brother Link was set up by the company and framed him killing the Vice President. Michael knew his brother was innocent and contrived a plan to break his brother out of prison. In Michael’s life before prison, he was an architect. So he got the blue prints to the prison where his brother was and got them tattooed on his whole upper body.

RIP to the 2nd greatest show of all time in television history.

So check this out. My business partner Keith just told me today on iChat that they did have the final 6 episodes. Then I go on Prison Break’s website and they did have the final 6 episodes they promised. Bull Shit!!!!!!

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