Not Them Music Video for "Drugs"

So I got the phone call from another Director that I work with sometimes Wuz Good and he was telling me that he wanted to shoot a small video with a local underground group from Orlando called “Not Them”. I was like whatever, let’s do it. Like I said, it was a small shoot so the crew consisted of the Lution crew and a couple of PA’s on the shoot, the two guys in the group and Glendi as the lead girl.

"Not Them" music video 5.12.09

A couple of cool things that the guys did with the shoot was actually shoot all of the b roll and the bathroom scene in the video with the new 5D Mark ii Cannon and shooting the performance shots with the HVX 200 with the letus 35mm adaptor. Hopefully everything will come out cool with the video. Production went smooth, we were on time with everything and when we were shooting outside we just beat the rain. So that was cool.

"Not Them" music video 5.12.09

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