Update on me…

Well I haven’t really blogged in a while, so i figured I would. To catch you guys up, I have a video shoot in Miami next week with the Artist T’Juan. A couple of blogs back, I told you guys that I was shooting a video for his song “Gun Charge” but after our producer talked with his management they decided to switch it up a little bit and change songs to another song of his. The song is called “Baddow”. This is a fun song but the concept doesn’t really play to my strong suites as a director so I brought on Alex Purifoy to Co-Direct with me. We came up with a pretty cool concept for the video. I know you guys will enjoy it.

In other news, I’m back working at the Orlando Sentinel editing the Varsity Sports Show. I really like going to the Sentinel and doing the show on the weekends. I think it brings a bit of stability to my life. You know doing this film thing can have you all over the place but going to the same place every week is kind of cool. I think its the closest thing to a real job that I think I will ever have cause I kind of like being all over the place. It might be easy to do considering my “love life” but that’s another story. I don’t even think I can fit that in a blog! LOL

Also, I just shot a commercial for the Florida Music Conference. Once I’m able to post the video and tell you more about it I will.

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