"Nah Leaving"

I like to start this blog with saying I’m sorry for not updating this blog as much as I should, I have been swamped with a lot of work lately (which is a good thing).

With that said, I had a pretty interesting week this past week. I got a phone call from Ricardo Drue (from the group Crossovah) and he was like “Yo, Doug. I just shot a video and I need you to edit the video!” “I was like cool, I’ll see what I can do.” Then he says “Oh yeah Doug, I need it done by Friday.” And we had this conversation on Monday.. lol.

So I was like cool, I got you man. Long story short, after transferring these 4k files shot of the Red cam, which took forever!! (I really hate but love Red cam footage) I went in and started editing the video. The video came out really good, considering I haven’t edited a music video in a while. I’ve been doing television sports news, which is a whole other world in editing. But the response was amazing. The director, Carl “Video” Verna loved it and the guys from the group loved it even more. Which made me really happy. That’s the real scary part about editing. Clients either love it or hate it. The middle very rarely happens.

Now most of the time I have a tendency to down play what I do in the entertainment industry cause I’m not a “bragger or name dropper” but after they told me the plans for the video, I actually got pretty excited. In hip hop culture, people of African American decent (black people) tend to think that you are not doing it big unless your video is on 106 and Park, but in the “real world” that’s not the case at all. I have worked on a million projects that have not seen the light of BET but I get paid to do this for a living and that makes it all the worth while of doing what I actually do.

Any who, this video will be on a slew of television and networks across the US and Caribbean (Synergy TV, Channel C, Tempo, Gayelle, Hype TV in more). I think its pretty cool to have your work seen on such a global scale. It’s not the first time but to me that never gets old. But anyway, enough talking about me. Check out the video!!!

Director: Carl “Video” Verna
Editor: Da Big Body

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