Brisco "Sliding/Black Shades"

Yo! Long time, no blog! But I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for my first feature that I am AD’ing but anyway to stay on subject. We shot this video in Miami towards the end of last year.

This video was Directed by Wuz Good. I haven’t worked with him in a while, so it was pretty cool to work with him again. We actually have a couple more videos that we have coming up. Also, this was my first time working with AK. He was the DP on this project. I like working with him, he’s made chill and makes the day much easier. Of course my brother Marcus was on the edit. That’s what he does! LOL

Anyway, let me stop speaking. Check out the video and I will blog to you guys later!

Produced By: BeeMac Films
Director: Wuz Good
Director of Photography: AK
AD/Colorist: Legendary Big Body
Editor: Marcus “M Kutta” Smaill
Shout out to Andrew Machol, Rob Vickers and Victor as well!

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