"Zoosk Girl" Music video shoot

So I just got from Miami a couple of days ago from another epic adventure with Director Wuz Good. This time we are doing a music video for a company called Zoosk (a dating service I believe) and the music video featured Flo Rida and T Pain. It was a pretty cool concept but the hard part was getting everything that Wuz Good wanted in 1 day. We originally started off with an 18-hour schedule, then it got knocked down to a 14-hour shoot, then eventually got knocked down to a 10-hour shoot because we were in a mansion that gets used a lot for productions and the neighbors really hate the lady that owns the place. The production almost got shut down 3 different times but we managed to get a lot of shots off anyway.

After telling some of my friends who the video was actually for, they were like “Damn Doug, you in the big leagues now”. And my response to that is when I start working with artist of that caliber on a weekly basis then I might consider “making it” once I knock out some more of this damn student loan! Until then, I look at these projects as another one on my way to making it!

The concept of the video is pretty cool. I’m not gonna spoil the video for you. I’m just gonna wait till the video comes out and you will enjoy it. I promise! Until then, enjoy a couple of cell phone pics I took during the shoot!

Shout out to Eddie B of BeeMac Films for always hiring me when they have a shoot, AK (Director of Photography) and all the Full Sail students who came down to help out on the project. They were some hard working souls on this project and everything that we got done couldn’t of been done without their help.

Check out this crazy video!!!

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