Film School Reunion in DC!

So I recently just got back from a studio shoot in DC. Rochelle, a really close friend of mine called me and said she wanted to shoot some studio videos of her covering a variety of artist. At first I was like, “why don’t you just sing in front of a web cam in a bathroom like everyone else” and she UN-nicely said “No” and a few other words that I won’t put up here! LOL But at the end of the day I was glad I listened to her cause the videos that we shot turned out really good.

These videos wouldn’t of came out so good if it wasn’t for my friend/classmate Jonathan Bregel of Next Level Pictures. AKA The Bregel! I swear this kid is a damn genius when it comes to this film thing. I made a promise to this dude, that whatever gig I get, I’m calling him first! And I’m gonna stick to this promise cause there is nothing better than working with someone, who loves what they do, are great at it and we get along. This film industry is a world full of egos and this guy doesn’t have one at all.

And for the record, I stand behind this next statement. After hearing Rochelle sing for the first time, I seriously believe she is gonna to be a really big deal with this music thing. She has all the attributes that you need to be a serious artist. I think she is going to be BIG! REEL BIG!!

As far as gear, we shot on one of Next Level Pictures Canon 7D rigs and my Canon 5D Mark2 (L-Series 16-35 f.28 covering the wide shots). Bregel shot with his Nikon 105mm f2.5 for the majority of the day. Bregel lit with a Lowell Rifa light and Lowell Pro-light and he had the idea of grabbing every other mic stand and extra lights in the background to add that extra touch to the video. Like I said before, I am really happy how these videos turned out, from Bregel’s lighting to Rochelle’s singing = Pure Epicness!

Here is the first instalment of the series:

“Saving All My Love” a Whitney Houston classic covered by Rochelle Rice. Stay tuned for more of where that came from.

Oh and check this out. Her first blog video got picked up by The Next2Shine website already.

Check it out also!

~Big Body~
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