Coming To America! 2010 version

So this project was pretty interesting. The beemac squad had the opprutunity to work with Curtiz from South Africa. Curtiz is an interesting character and on top of everything else, dude is scared of lap dogs! LOL I have never seen a reaction like he did to a Yorkshire Terrier. Then it was later told to me by his father that he had been attacked by a dog before and it doesn’t matter what type of dog it is, he doesn’t like it.

Anyway, to the actual video. The shoot went well. It was a nice and sunny 98 degree day in Orlando! LOL And Jon Bregel came down from NY to shoot with us! Everything was going good with the shoot, we were killing it, then mother nature had to come in and do her thing. It rained like it had never before in Orlando but the team pulled it together, came up with a plan B and finished the video! Check out the BTS and the Official Music Video for Curtiz “Got Me Like”!

Big Body

Check out the making of the video:

The official Music Video

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