Chasing the Dream!!

Hey everyone!! I’m kind of excited about this project that I was involved in. Usually I’m AD’ing (1st Assistant Director) on all of these projects that I’m involved in but this time I was a camera operator for this reality show “Chasing The Dream”, which is staring an up and coming pop star, Alexandra Amor. If you are familiar with my blog, I’ve worked with Alex before, I was the AD for her first music video in Miami.

There were a lot of reasons I was excited for this project. 1. I was excited to get back behind the camera. I’ve always had a strong passion for working behind the camera, I just couldn’t afford one of my own and the way it worked down here in Florida, you got dibs on the camera if you owned one, so that’s why I fell into AD’ing. You don’t really need to buy anything but a bull horn, have common sense, be great with thinking ahead and time management. And I have all of that on lock so that’s why I am an AD.

We shot this project over 2 months and we where all over the place. We were in NYC for a week and a half, Kansas, Oklahoma City, Tallahassee, FL,  St. Pete, FL and Orlando, FL. Words really can’t express how much fun, I had on this project. Yeah it was very stressful at times, lots of unhealthy eating but the positives really outweighed the negatives! There is soooo much that we did while we where up there, I could go on forever! (Fashion week, 9/11 and the protest, visiting Hot 97, Times Square, Brooklyn, the subways during rush hour!!! It was so much fun! I really can’t wait to move up there but that’s another blog!

I will post more pictures later as the episodes get released. Right now the show is just a webisode but I’m pretty sure it will get picked up cause this show is gonna be good. Anyway, here is the teaser for “Chasing The Dream”!!

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