BTS for “Can’t Sleep”

DaBigBody & Director Wuz Good

Yo!! Here is another update for another video I AD’d. Looks like this month is gonna be a good month. A lot of videos that I have worked on in the past few months are finally coming out! Here is the behind the scenes for Poe Boy Records artist J Randall. The song is “Can’t Sleep” and it features T Pain on the track. This was my second time working with T Pain and was another fun experience. T Pain has fun when he works and I don’t blame him. I think I would be a hybrid of him and Ocho Cinco if I were a rich athlete or artist. They make mad money and have fun making more! This is the third video I have done with J Randall. When it comes to J Randall, he is gonna dance like never before and he does it again with this video! I can’t for you guys to see the final project cause it is a good one!! Props to Wuz Good and BeeMac films for allowing me to be apart of the project.

J Randall (Pop Artist)

T Pain & J Randall on set

Check out the behind the scenes. You will see a little bit of the madness of that day. But it was fun madness and I can’t wait for the next one cause its gonna be another movie!!

BTS shot by NVD Photograpy and Nick “TooKnown” Pinto

Edited by Da Big Body

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