VersaEmerge “Figure It Out”

So we have here a video that is pretty freaking awesome!! Not only because the video came out great because it was a collaboration with friends. We were told in Producing class at Full Sail University that when you get in the “industry” you will never work with your friends. Well not only did we prove that theory wrong but its like the 39th time we proved that wrong! LOL

Jonathan “The Bregel” Bregel came down from NYC to Direct and DP the music video. I love working with this dude. He is a great dude and his work is always on point. And this video was produced by Domino Effect Productions. And also Alex Purifoy was cam oping, Darius, Martin Ye, Richie Dine and a few other people were on this shoot that I like as people and not just “work associates”. It was a really great shoot and I had lots of fun. This video screams lots of fun! LOL!

"The Jib Army"

Sierra (lead singer) & Jenks (Documentary Filmmaker)

Anyway, about this band VersaEmerge!!! They are freaking awesome and I thought I saw them before somewhere but I have this disease that I got from my mom where I can’t remember anyones name but I remember faces like no one else! Then I remembered that I saw them on one of my favorite shows on MTV “The World of Jenks”. The show is about a documentary filmmaker goes around and lives with different people and documents their life. And Jenks did a show on VersaEmerge! So thats where I saw them before.

Setting up for the 1st shot!

Anyway, I have talked enough, check out the video. I know you will enjoy it!!

~Big Body


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