DJ Nasty Birthday Bash!!

DJ Nasty on the set of "Welcome To My Hood"

What’s up everyone!?!? So a little while back I was asked by beemac films to be apart of the camera team and shoot DJ Nasty of 102 Jamz Orlando birthday bash. Long story short, we ended up shooting a full fledge documentary of the event. To start out the night I was cam op’ing by myself at the 102 Jamz studios getting all the pre-bash footage. It was pretty fun, I was running from room to room cause Nasty was on the 1’s and 2’s in one room and DJ D Strong, Khaled, Ace Hood and T Pain were in the other room but I feel I did a great job getting everything that we needed to make the cut.

The second part of the video (the concert) was led by producer Aaron West with cam ops Darius Dancer, B and myself. We had my camera patched in the audio board for great sound and Darius and B were floating around on stage and in the crowd. And after a strong edit by the editor Brice Miller, we have the movie!!! LOL

I hope you enjoy it, I wish I had some production pictures but I couldn’t shoot them while I was shooting, too much going on.

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