Crystal Silva “Electronic Love”

DaBigBody(1st AD), WuzGood (Dir), Crystal Silva and Dancers on set

What’s up guys!! Here is another update for a music video I worked on a little while back. It is from new pop singer Crystal Silva. The song is called “Electronic Love” and the metaphors for the song speak for itself once you listen to the song! LOL

DaBigBody (1stAD) & Crystal Silva (artist)

The video was directed by Wuz Good and produced by Domino Effect Productions and we shot this on the campus of Full Sail University. I’m always apprehensive to shoot on that campus because I try to stay away from Full Sail but they had some really cool locations to shoot and they really fit song well. Also, this was my first time working with D.P. Michael Stine, who I later found out was a Full Sail graduate and a talented one! I really learned a lot from him on set about some technical stuff (behind the scenes I’m an aspiring D.P. but I will never do it, I just love the learning part),the RED Cam and some lighting.

Marcus (Producer/Editor), Corday (Lution Media), Wuz Good (Dir) & DaBigBody (1stAD)

But don’t let me bore you with all of my mumbo jumbo about technical stuff. The shoot went great overall and the video turned out great. I am very fortunate to always work with a great team of individuals and we always seem to come together and hit home runs. I know you will enjoy this video as well. For Crystal’s first music video, she did an awesome job and she is only going to get better!!

Check out the video!!!!!!! And shout out to Nick Too Known for the BTS pics!!

~Big Body


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