“23 Alliance Party” Dynomite Diggz ft. Roc Mikey, G4 Marley, and Gunny

Helicopter Shots!!!

What’s up everyone!?!? Here we are with another update. This is 1 video of 6 I did with the Mazerati Music team. beemac Films brought me on for this week-long project and I worked with 2 directors Wuz Good and Akil Kurji. We were on a small island right outside Sarasota, FL and let me tell that place was beautiful besides the bugs that came out exactly at 8:00 pm and feasted on me everyday! LOL

Anyway, back to the videos! This was the first video we did for the week and it was the biggest. I think that was a great strategy to schedule the biggest first and the easiest last. I don’t think it would have been possible to pull that off any other way. For this day we had the boat scenes with the helicopter shots, the aerial shots of the island, travel to another little island to shoot at the beach house (day and night scenes). It was a crazy day and it got crazier….

on the boat heading to the location

Ok, so here is where we cue the dramatic music. Here is where we almost die! So we are going along with the shoot. Mid-day, got some early performances done and it was time for the helicopter performance shots with the guys in the speed boat. I’m in the other boat with the producer Eddie B, his son Little Ed, Vanessa, the guy driving the boat and his girl friend. We are probably 100 yards away from the picture boat and I noticed to myself that the water is getting kind of choppy. And the type of boat that we are in is a boat to where (if you look at the picture above) the person driving the boat is sitting above where I am sitting. The the steering wheel I am holding onto isn’t working. So back to the story, out of no where I hear a big boom and out of the corner of my eye, I see the kid that was driving the boat laying out on the front of the boat…. The water got so rough that it broke the latch that was holding the seat above down. And when that latch broke, the chair folded over and trapped the producer and his son in between it. So right now, we have the guy driving the boat on the ground and the producer and his son trapped between the folded over seat/pole thingy. Mean while all this is going on and I am lifting the seat/thingy off of Eddie and his son, the boat is still going… The controls where I am at are not working cause the guy was controlling them from the top and the current and the boat where taking us to a nearby island. This was crazy!! I just knew I was about to die! So they guy that was driving the boat was hurt and he was yelling at me and his girlfriend trying to tell us how to stop the boat. He eventually gets up and hops to the upside down controls and gets the boat under control. And there you have it! The story where I almost died in the boat!

But hey! The video turned out great! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed telling you guys that story. I swear it was like a scene out of Baywatch cause everything kept happening but we saved ourselves. No David Hasselhoff or boat explosions over here!

more pics from the shoot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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