Dynomite Diggz Feat Adam Mac – Top of The World

On Set for the "On Top Of The World" video


Yo!! What’s up good people! I’m back with another update from the Steve Francis Mazerati Music project I AD’d a while back. This video was not supposed to be what it turned out to be, but you know in the film world, most of the time we are thrown a curve ball and we lost the location and we had to come up with a new concept and treatment on the spot.

Director Wuz Good getting the shot

The Director(s) Wuz Good, Akil and the rest of the team sat around for a little while and we started bouncing different ideas and the group came up with a great idea and we shot it all over night in our beach house that the crew was sleeping in.

Like I said in the previous post, we had an awesome crew on this project. Everyone was dedicated to get all of the projects done and we did it!. The video turned out great and to be honest, this is one of my favorite videos that I have ever been apart of just cause it had that old school video feel. And the artist Dynomite Diggz is a dope artist.

But I’m not gonna talk forever. Check out the video!

~Big Body

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