“No Charge” Short Film

I AD’d an awesome short film!!! So to start off I like to catch you guys up on what I’m doing with my career. Right now, I kind of put myself in a box. Meaning in the film world I’m a “music video and commercial guy”. In a normal world that might be looked at as a good thing but it’s not when you are trying to make that transition into the film world. For some reason, some Producers and Directors don’t think I am capable to AD a feature film…..

The DP Beau getting the lighting right for the shot

The past three or four interviews I went on for feature films, everyone loves my experience I have, my demeanor, my knowledge of the industry but yet that seems not to be enough to take me over the edge to get out of the “music video/commercial guy” box. They keep saying I need long form experience but they don’t want my first time to be with them I guess. Anybody weak would quit but I refuse to lose! And plus I don’t like doing anything else!

So I come across a project on production hub and they say they need an Assistant Director for a short film and I jump at the opportunity to get on the project because it’s not that far away from Orlando. So I send my resume in and I got a call back within’ a week or so and the Producer said they love my resume and would love me to be apart of the project! Inside I was like YESSSSS!!!! Even though it wasn’t a feature, it was a long form project and I jumped at the opportunity to do the project.

Pre Production: The pre production process was by far on another level then what I am used too (music video/commercial guy). I think we had one or two meetings in person and everything else was online. There were so many emails talking about casting, times available, shot list, shooting schedules, etc, etc. I’m pretty sure we set a world record! LOL But the producers, directors and myself handled everything well and the pre production went pretty well, even though some people’s schedule wouldn’t allow them to show up to some rehearsals but I feel it worked out.

Carmen getting the blocking correct before the shot

Production: So we get to DeLand and have a 3 day shoot line up with a pick up day in Orlando a week later. For the most part everything went according to plan. Of course the whole fall behind on time thing to later catch up happened. I think on day 2 we went long but we knew that was gonna happen with the amount of set ups and shots that we had. But one thing that I tell everyone that ask me about the project is that we had absolutely no diva’s on set! Cast or crew. Everyone was awesome! No attitudes, no complaining. Nothing. And that was a breath of fresh air because I was warned by a few of my mentors that there could be a diva or two on set and how to handle them, but luckily I didn’t have to put those skills to use. I had a really good time and for not having that much time to spend with the director Carmen Treffiletti of DME Studios, off set, we really clicked on set and got the job done.

Post Production: The director Carmen is editing the project and if they release a trailer or a scene from the project I will post it up here but I saw the time-lapse that we shot and it looked great and I’m really excited to see the final project!

Overall I was really glad to work on a longer form project. The process is the same but a little different at the same time. The pace is slower, it’s a bit more paperwork but I could handle it. And I can’t wait to do it again.

Cast and Crew

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That’s all for now. If any more updates come up from this project I will let you know!



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