“Fly Kicks” Music Video!!

Brianna and the crew on the set of "Fly Kicks"

Hey everyone!! Check out this new video by one of Poe Boy Music Groups artist Brianna!! The video was directed by Wuz Good and produced by Eddie B of beemac Films!! This was a cool project to work on! When we were filming in the Shoe Gallery in Miami, we were shooting the in store master performance scene and I just took a second just to look around and check everyone else’s reactions and everyone was rocking out to the record. To me the set had that back in the day Bad Boy with Puff Daddy dancing around in the background vibe to it!

Brianna on set doing work!!

Oh and yesterday the video was “New Jointed” on BET’s 106 and Park!! This was my first video that I AD’d that was on national television. It was a pretty cool feeling watching it on TV although I almost missed it because I’m working in the Florida Keys on a feature film right now and I didn’t even know that my hotel had BET and we just so happened to switch our off day to yesterday because we were suppose to get hit by the hurricane but it didn’t happen and I got to see the video. It was pretty good feeling! And I can’t wait for the next video or 2 or 3 or 100 to be show cased on TV!

But anyway, I’m not gonna talk forever! Click on the 106 and Park logo and VOTE for Brianna’s video!! And check the video out! Guaranteed hot fiya!!! Shout out to the crew that helped out on this video!! You guys did great!

Click here to vote!!

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