Update on Me! Movies, Music Videos, Commercials, Life..

Hello World!! What’s been up?? I know it has been a while since I’ve updated the site but I’m back!!

In mid August I dove in deep in the feature world and was 2nd AD on my very first feature film “Two Headed Shark Attack” directed by Chris Olen Ray. To say it was an awesomely crazy adventure would be an understatement. I learned so much in those 3 weeks, at one point I kind of questioned why I really went to Film School. Then I remembered my resume and all of my work that I have been doing is because I went down to Orlando and started my music video/commercial career there.  Anyway, about the project. I was in the Florida Keys for 3 weeks and it was awesome! But it was a lot of hard work. To be honest, at times I felt very overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be done but with the help of guys like Zack Greene, Robert DeWeese & Donovan Nelson we got the job done. There is no way I could have made it through this project without them. It wasn’t a large crew on this project so everyone was wearing multiple hats. But we all got the job done and we all have stories to tell about it!

I would go on and on about the movie and the production but you guys don’t want to hear about my long days and nights on set! Just know the movie is coming out January 17 of next year (2012)! Be sure to check out the Asylum website for further updates about the project.

The Two Headed Shark Attacks!!

more pics can be viewed here!!

So after I finished my work down in the Keys I headed back home for a really awesome and much-needed break to catch up on sleep because sleep was really rare while working. But I’m not gonna lie, I really missed being in the Keys and being around all of that water. I really hated coming back home to my apartment. I felt closed in. I was like man “I really want to go back!!” but I couldn’t…

So after I got my sleep I got back on the hunt for gigs. I did a music video and I did the Aura Mist commercials. Then when I was down in Miami working on something else, I received a phone call from another AD about a project in Miami! It turns out it was another feature film that I applied for a little while back. And after a couple of phone calls and a Skype interview, I got the gig and I would be 2nd AD’ing this film also. And after getting more details about the project, it turns out it was for Queen Latifah’s production company Flavor Unit Films!

The film is called “Percentage”  and it is about two hustlers on the run set up a credit fraud operation that soon attracts the attention from the police and the city’s top criminals. So what does that mean? Shoot outs and stunts!! I was excited about this script when I read it but logistically it was a challenge cause it had so many variables and they were always changing drastically everyday. But with the strength of my team, we got through it. There were some very tough days on this project, days where I questioned my choice of profession but I took those days in stride and I feel like I grew even more as an AD and as a person.

Oh and it kind of slipped my man but I’m making a strong cameo in the movie if it makes the cut. Its pretty funny to me cause I am terrible when it comes to acting but I did a good job (I think) and I got to speak on camera. I was acting a little Hollywood for about 5 minutes after that, then I had to get back to work! But over all, I met some really interesting people on this shoot, some people I couldn’t figure out and some pretty good people who I would love to work with again.

Director Alex Merkin on set doing work

more pics can be viewed here

After getting back from Miami, I immediately jumped on set with Marcus Small of Domino Effect Productions with two commercials. One was for an up and coming clothing line called Eziio. When that commercial comes out, its gonna be very cool. I can’t really discuss the details but when it comes out I will share it on here. Its gonna be a good one.

Director Andrew Kurchinski on set directing talent

We also shot a commercial for American Airlines. The Director/Cinematographer Andrew Kurchinski of Intense Imagination had an awesome idea and I was really excited about that project. The commercial involved kids on a plane dressed up as adults introducing some new features American Airlines are promoting. And the kids did an awesome job. No lie, they were actually kind of amazing. Chris Greene of Detour Entertainment did an awesome job casting the kids. They knew their lines, well-behaved. It was crazy! I know when I was their age I could barely remember my home phone number let alone some dialogue in a script! They were great and with them being great, it made my job 100 times easier. All we had to do was make sure we got all of our shots and we did.

2nd AD, Director & 1st AD going over shots

more pics can be viewed here

Up coming projects:

In January, I will be AD’ing a short film in Orlando, FL entitled “Love Lost”. I’m looking forward to working with Allan Marrero (Producer of “No Charge”) again and working with the Director Sunile Kulkarni of NexgenFilms. We’ve always crossed paths on different sets in Orlando but we have never worked together. But now we are and its gonna be on an awesome script!

Projects to look out for:

  • Two Headed Shark Attack out Jan 17, 2011 on Blue Ray DVD
  • Najma “The Truth” music video
  • Martha Munizzi “Make It Loud” music video
  • Billy Blue F/ Akon “Story Of My Life” music video
  • Fatigue “Loud” & “Life Like a Party” music videos

Also, with this transformation from the music video/commercial world to the feature and short film world. I am building my IMDB page up. (SN: I really need to buy a membership for a month and put some pictures up and my resume on the site so everyone knows it’s really me). I’m really looking forward to next year. I’m setting an ambitious goal to work on a minimum of 8 features. I’ve been meeting new and great people in the industry and everybody is looking to get a lot of work done next year. And I can’t wait to do it!

So until the next update. Be Blessed!

~Big Body

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