Naj “The Truth” Music Video

Me and Naj on set of "The Truth"

Hey world! Here is a an update with a music video I AD’d with an artist named Naj out of Paris, France. She came across the pond to work with the Director Wuz Good and Mizu Films. This was a very fun project. I think it was fun because the production was pretty fun and the crew rocked it but the night before was even more entertaining.

Wuz Good, AK (Director of Photographer) and myself had another video that day before and we wrapped at mid-night. Then we had to be on set with Naj at Club Play Orlando at 6 the next morning. We all, plus the producer (Tesha Burroughs) stayed at my house. You would think that we would go to the house and crash and try to get some rest for Naj’s video but we had the x-factor of Wuz Good and him insisting on making noise and putting on a show in the middle of the night so we got absolutely no rest at all. I tried to lock myself in my bedroom and get some sleep but when I woke up, AK is sleep on the floor in my room… We probably got 3 hours of sleep that night if we were lucky.

So we get to the set and like I said before the crew kicked a lot of butt and we rocked the video out. The production ran smooth. We got all of the shots and some extra shots and the video turned out great!! Check out some behind the scenes pictures, BTS video and the official music video below! I hope you all enjoy it!

Check out the Behind The Scenes pics here



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