2011 Year in Review

What’s up world! I’m using this blog to wish and hope everyone had great and safe holidays. I have to say I actually had a great holiday with my family, friends and traveling! Good times!

As I look back on 2011, I am very proud of the progression I have taken in my career in the film industry. In 2010 I worked on over 30 music video and commercial projects. So my initial goal was to try to go over 50 music videos commercials for 2011.  I started out the year good…the first couple months (January/February) are traditionally slow, but in March things kicked off. I was kind of in a comfort zone with production companies that I had/have a working relationship with, but things changed, some people moved and the work flow was thrown off. Was I prepared for it? No. It took me a little bit to get back on my feet but I came back in the game more focused and kind of forced the progression in my career from music videos/commercials to film to move a lot faster. I kept telling myself, stop BS’ing and pursue longer form projects. So I buckled down and started sending my resume out to every independent movie shooting in the US and Canada.

My first opportunity came in a short film called “No Charge” shot by DME studios. Check out the previous blog about that project. It was a crazy learning experience but I knew I needed more work as an AD because the paperwork and information needed was a bit different from the music video/commercial work. So then I took (not what I would call) a step back but started looking at 2nd Assistant Directing to learn the process a bit more from other seasoned 1st Assistant Directors in the industry; that situation presented itself in the fashion of 2 feature films in “Two-Headed Shark Attack” and “Percentage”.

Even though those 2 projects were very tough in two very different ways, I learned so much; it really trumped everything I learned at film school. It was crazy, here I am thinking it wasn’t that much to features but I was wrong. I had an opportunity to 1st (AD) another feature film the previous year but that project never happened and even though it was going to pay crazy good, I’m glad it didn’t happen because I was not ready. This year of “transition” was good, frustrating and fun all at the same time. I feel I set myself up good for 2012. Even though I did less projects than last year, I still did 16 music videos and commercials and added 1 short film and 3 feature films to my resume this year. Fewer projects, but more work and I loved every minute of it.

Now I know I haven’t mentioned the 3rd feature film that I did this year but the end of this year has been a little crazy. I was home in NC for Thanksgiving aka Thanks-Doug (my birthday) and I had two projects to close the year with. The first project was Kalin Furniture Ads with Carmen Treffiletti of DME studios outside of Daytona, FL and a short film “Love Lost” in Orlando, FL.

So I am in RDU about to fly back to Florida and my phone rings. And it is the production coordinator on a feature film that I originally turned down because I had already committed to the short film “Love Lost”.  Well it turns out that a couple of days prior, I was informed that the short film would be pushed to a later day and after I do these commercials in Florida my calendar was wide open. And I was asked could I fly back to Wilmington the next night to 1st AD a feature film.  Mind you, I was in NC for almost 3 weeks already and I was kind of looking forward to getting back to Florida. But I was like, “these type of opportunities don’t happen every day so why not?”  So I finish the project down in Florida, get back home and repack for North Carolina and all within 36 hours, I’m back on the plane to NC.

I was crazy sleepy from the drive and shoot from the furniture ad location. It was about 1 hour and 15 minutes from my house in Orlando and between packing I was reading the script and all the reports, I was already drained, but I got much-needed sleep in the airport and on the plane.

So when I land in Wilmington, the Production Coordinator came and picked me up and the song on the radio was Diddy Dirty Money “I’m Coming Home.” Let me tell you that was the most epic song in the moment ever! I haven’t worked in NC in over 5 years and I was excited to be back working in my home state. I know my parents loved me working back close to home and to be honest I wouldn’t mind coming back to NC to work and live. I love it there but the industry just isn’t there like it is in Florida, NY or LA. But I will blog more about this project I did in NC when press comes out about it.

Until then, enjoy some of my favorite short form projects that I worked on in 2011.

2011 Favorites



~American Airlines Commercial~ blog coming soon!!

[Click on the picture to see the video]

Until the next update, be blessed and have a great New Year!

~Big Body~

2 comments on “2011 Year in Review

    • Hey Sebastian, I am no longer attached to that short film. I really wanted to do it but I was in Seattle working on another feature film. I don’t even know if they shot the film. I’ve been out of the Orlando loop….

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