“Make It Loud” Music Video

Hey world, I’m back with a music video update this time! This video is “Make It Loud” by Martha Munizzi f/ Pablo! I had a really good time at this shoot. The energy at this shoot was great! Everyone was there having lots of fun and getting the job done at the same time. Martha and Pablo brought there A game with the performances and all of the extras from the different church groups were amazing. And let me not forget about the dancers…. AWESOME! If I can remember right someone one told me they were in some type of competition or television show. Either way they would great. I didn’t even have to show them any moves…

Anyway, shout out to the director Wuz Good for directing another dope video and shout out to Domino Effect Productions for putting on another great production. AK (the DP) as always did a great job and so did the rest of the crew on this project. I’m really happy with the final product and I know you will too! Check it out below!

Check out some BTS Pics and BTS Video Below!!

Until the next update! Be Blessed!

Big Body

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