Movie Premiere!!!

Hey world!! Long time no blog! LOL Yeah I know that was whack but check it out! One of the movies that I worked on at the end of last year (American Battleship Warships) is making its film festival debut at the 12th annual Cape Fear Independent Film Festival in North Carolina a few weeks before it hits DVD!

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“The movie – starring Mario Van Peebles, Johanna Watts and Carl Weathers – will premiere April 27 at the 12th annual Cape Fear Independent Film Festival ahead of its May 15 release date. Director Thunder Levin will travel from Los Angeles for the screening and will host a question-and-answer session afterward…..”

Read full article here: (Source: Greater Wilmington Business Journal)

Considering I missed my first movie premiere with “No Charge” I plan on making it to this movie premiere. I’m kind of excited to see the movie. I was brought onto this project on the second week so I missed the first week of filming. So seeing the movie and more than likely being able to bring my parents would be pretty awesome. If you didn’t know, North Carolina is the home state and my parents live really close to Wilmington.

Director Thunder Levin and myself (1st AD) on set of “American Battleship”

Anyway, I’m not gonna type forever but I do want to give a shout out to the crew on this project! Chris, Zack, Val, Eric, Stu, Hutch, Bryan, Tabatha, Rebecca, Thunder and everyone else whose name I can’t remember right now.  I’m glad you guys welcomed me aboard that cold ship but we did work and made a movie!! And of course the wonderful cast!! All you guys were awesome! Shout out to Jayson Williams who was on the cast and is representing the home town and our college WSSU, who did his thing in the movie as well. Below, check out the awesome movie poster and the movie trailer!

Check out the movie trailer here! DVD comes out May 22, 2012!!

Until next time! Be blessed, be positive and MAKE MOVIES!!!

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