Hey World! Sorry for the delay on the blog but I’ve kind of been all over the place between dental surgery, work and other life events  aka YOLO’ing full force so I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as much. But anyway, while I was gone “Bigfoot” premiered on Syfy!!

Click for trailer

This project we shoot in Seattle in January in the middle of the states biggest winter storm “in the history of a long time!!” Literally we were standing on top of ice and filming at the same time! It was crazy but it was definitely one of those projects that I will never forget. So many hurdles were thrown at us during this project, I was really amazed that we actually finished the movie.

You know a little side story… Sometimes I really think the film Gods try their hardest to hold me back and don’t want me to succeed in this industry but I will continue to have a positive vibe and will never spazz out no matter what situation is handed to me and do it with a smile. For some reason that tends to throw some people off that a 1st AD will have a positive attitude no matter how crazy a situation is but I refuse to be that AD that is yelling, cussing and being very annoying. It very non productive and I will refuse to be that guy. Maybe my style will catch on in the industry but until then I will continue to be me.

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But let me stop yapping about random stuff and check out all the pics I have from this project. Our set photographer Lara took a lot of pics and I have some personal ones I took below. Special thanks to everyone on this project! Bruce Davison (Director – Your attitude and approach to everything is what I want to be like in life! You are awesome). Lindsay Boyd (2nd AD – DGA). Airica, Rob, Spencer and Anna (All the PA’s!! You guys stuck it through and killed it! Thanks. Chris, Zack, Tabitha, Gerald, Spencer, Michael, both Alex’s and everyone else on the crew who I didn’t name. I love all of you the same. We went through a lot but we made it to the end and we have a movie to show for it!

 IMBD PageMovie Trailer

BTS Pics (Pics by Lara Solanki)

Click on the pic to take you to the gallery

 Pics from my phone

Click on pic to take you to gallery

“The Coldest Winter Ever” (Pics by Lara Solanki)

Click on the pic to take you to the gallery

Until next time! Be blessed! ~Big Body~

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