Go Radio and more updates!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been a little busy with work, traveling, life, family, etc. But I’m back with a couple of updates. This first one is from the band from Fearless Records called Go Radio!!!

I was called by one of the producers Allan Marrero that I worked with on the short film “No Charge” and he told me that he was attached to this very ambitious and creative video and they needed an AD. So of course I said “lets do work!! I’m in”. So it turns out it was a video with Mike Dalton (Producer) and Drew Russ (Director). I was excited cause I worked with these guys a few years back on the “I’m Made of Wax Larry” music video. (BTS of that video, “I’m Made of Wax Larry” Music Video). And I knew the video was gonna be fun and creative. And it really was! We had a marching band, a parade float, a make shift military base and all!

“The video leads with a girl who dumps her boyfriend — a soldier a few thousand miles away in a war-torn desert nation — with a letter. (At least it wasn’t a text, gross.) She trades in her hunk for a chunky sugar daddy with a credit card, who hooks up her closet full of premium pieces — that is until the money runs out. (Should have been shopping at Uniqlo, obvs.) But her ex has some payback planned: He sends Go Radio straight to her door, complete with a “Go To Hell” sign. Ouch..” via http://www.buzz worthy.mtv.com

I want to give a shout out to the fans that came out to support the band! You all didn’t have to stay with us all day but you did and we thank you for that. We shot this with a hurricane knocking at our door the whole day! It was kind of fun and frustrating. I mean we were filming one second then the next we were running for cover! I’ve shot a movie through a snow storm and this project makes number 2 of projects being shot in and around hurricanes… 2-Headed Shark Attack was the other. But that is what really makes what I do so fun. You really never really know what you are gonna get.

Once again, thanks to Drew Russ, Michael Dalton and Allan Marrero for bringing me aboard on this project! And I can’t wait to do it again! Oh and lets not forget to mention that this video was featured on MTV.com!! = Awesome!! Check it out!!

BTS Pics

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Check out the video!!!

Other Updates: 

I AD’d this commercial a while back. A new clothing line called EZIIO. Check it out!

I AD’d this video a whiiiiile back with Director Wuz Good and beemac films with J Randall now J Rand and the video finally dropped. Check it out!

Also big things happening at the top of the year that I can’t put out there quite yet but the start of next year looks like its gonna start off with exciting things! But that’s all for now! Be Blessed! And safe travels over this holiday season!!

~Big Body~


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