New Movie on Netflix!!

Hey everyone! I know its been forever since I’ve updated this blog but its kind of hard to blog about projects that haven’t come out yet. I might have to restructure my blog a bit cause it makes it look like I’m not working but I am. I’m just not doing short form work that much any more and really focusing on feature films. Meaning it’s usually a year or so before I can update my blog for projects that I’ve already worked on but anyway.  I have a new movie that I worked on as the 2nd Assistant Director for the film!


It’s called Percentage. It was directed by Alex Merkin. Starring Cam’ron, Omar Gooding, Macy Gray, Malinda Williams and many many more. This was a cool project to work on but it was very tough. There were a lot of obstacles, ups and downs and a couple of curve balls thrown at me during the course of this project. But I made it to the end of the project and I learned a lot about life and the film industry and grew from it.

Oh and for your added viewing pleasures, I made a cameo in the movie!! I’m usually walking around in the background orBig Body cameo my hand makes it into a majority of the projects I work on but this time I played the role of “club security”.. Now given the fact that everyone mistakes me security anyway cause I’m big and black but it was kind of a surprise to me because we were on location and I was doing 15 other different things and I hear over the radio “Doug we need you on set to play the security guy and you have lines!”. I thought it was funny cause I’m a terrible actor but I pulled it off and my first speaking role in a movie was with Cam’ron and Malinda Williams. So it will be cool if you call me “Big Body Denzel” now cause I’m a great actor! LOL

But anyway, that is all for now. Be sure to check the film out on Netflix!! Shout out to everyone who worked on this project with me! I look forward to working with you all again!! And some of the BTS pics are in a slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time! Be Blessed!!

Big Body

3 comments on “New Movie on Netflix!!

  1. Hey Doug it’s Mimi! I just now logged into my Blogger account and seen that you now have a blog here.. Anyways I just wanted to say congrats on the movie! That is very impressive!! Keep doing big things and God bless!!

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