That’s a wrap on “My Brother’s Keeper”

IMG_5941So during my last project in St. Louis (No Good Heroes), I received an email from a producer who I worked with last year (Samone Norsworthy) about working on a short film. I haven’t done a short film in a few years but when Samone calls me, I’m going to answer that call. She is an awesome Producer/Writer/Director out of Savannah, Georgia and her positive attitude towards life and filmmaking is crazy contagious.

This short faith-based film tells a story based on real events of how a forbidden friendship between two boys (Addison and Winston) turns into an epic tale of lives changed forever.

So usually I was told short films should be done in 2 or 3 days but we shot this one in 5 days and it was fantastic. We were able to be super creative and have plenty of time each day to cover everything and 1 day we had a company move that was over an hour and a half move with a 45 min lunch and the day was no problem.

IMG_5936I know this project is going to turn out great. We had a great team, most of who I worked with last year on “Ben & Ara” were on this with a couple of new faces. I’m a little bias to Georgia. My auntie from Augusta taught me how to make grits there and every morning for breakfast we had grits and they were amazing. If you didn’t know, I love grits! LOL! The future of this project is happening in 2 parts. This short version is going to run the film festival circuit and I talked with Samone and asked her if she planned on during the long version of this story and she said she planned on it. So we might have a feature-length version of this story. I think it would be great too!

Well that’s all for now. Until next time, enjoy pictures and links below. There are a lot more pictures on the Facebook page. Go over there give the page a like. Don’t forget to smile and #MakeMovies!!!

IMDB | Facebook

Before I left town, our EP and her husband took Kevin (Sound Mixer) and I out on their boat and showed us around some gorgeous parts of Georgia that I didn’t know about. Check out some of the pictures I took.

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BTS Pics

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