That’s a wrap on “Blood on Wheels”

So about a month ago (July) I got a call from Frederick (AD out of LA) and asked if I had a few weeks free in my calendar and I said yeah. He was booked and he got me in contact with one of his crews that he works with out of LA that was shooting a movie in Hamilton, OH. “I was like cool, let’s do it!”

The team I end up meeting in Ohio was Dark Rabbit Productions. This group is a good group of people and they shoot a ton of movies! Matter of fact they wrapped another shoot right before we started our project.


Melanie (Director), Eitan (DP) & Douglas (1st AD)

My director for this project was Melanie Aitkenhead. A USC grad and was really a joy to work with. Her energy was contagious to be around. As long as she was shooting, she was happy. And we shot a lot. This was my first feature where we shot with 2 cameras. We had 2 days that we had to cover 12 pages and those were some of our easier days. Another first for me were the fight scenes. But we had 2 good stunt coordinators that helped us get through those scenes. 


My production team + actress Pollyanna Macintosh

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give a special shout out to my production team. I make it a point to make sure my 2nd AD and Production Assistants have a smile on their face no matter how hard the job gets. And if I have a chance to take them out and get some food and drinks I do it. Before I left Hamilton, I wanted to try something that’s Ohio. So I let the team pick where we went out to eat. They just had to make sure it was a local spot. So we went to Skyline Chili. They put cinnamon or chocolate in their chili…. it was interesting… LOL


Over all, it was a joy to work with another new crew. The locals from Ohio were great to work with and they had great attitudes as well. It did get a little hot. The heat reminded me of St. Louis because you would walk outside and just start sweating like crazy but I might of took off a couple of pounds, so I’m not mad at all! LOL

Until next time, enjoy pictures below.  Don’t forget to smile and #MakeMovies!!!


BTS Pics

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