That’s a wrap on “Parallel Chords”

So before I got my network of filmmakers to where it is today, I used to apply for every job on every film job posting site that had Assistant Director in it. In doing so, I landed a job off of in St. Louis, MO for a film called “Grandmother’s Murder Club”. While on set for “GMC” I got offered a job on “No Good Heroes” and while getting off of the plane for “NGH” I got a call to work on “Tonight She Comes”.  That series of events lead me to develop some good relationships with some good people out of St. Louis. So when Jenn called me and asked me was I available literally 2 days after I finish my job in Connecticut (“Followers”), I couldn’t turn the job down.


Parallel Chords (overture) is the true story of a young violinist struggling to assert her individuality amidst the intense pressure of her pianist father and the formidable weight of her own musical ability.

This is my 4th movie with a majority of this crew and I truly enjoy working with them. They are a bunch of hard-working, good spirited individuals that love making movies. And as a 1st Assistant Director, these are the type of people you want to be around for 12+ hours a day if you have too.

Speaking of 12+ hour days… this movie was different. Catherine Dudley-parallel-chords-21-oct-2016-19201080-2Rose is a first time feature film director and Kyle Krupinski was a first time feature film DP and they decided to take the approach of the film. They decided to do 4 to 5 page days instead of 8. Now in the indie film world, we usually do 6 to 9 pages and some shows even do up to 12. I have… This was my first time doing a show with 2 to 4 pages and boy do I love it! We finished most days 2 to 3 hours early and I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day. We got to take our time to be artistic and not rush through the day just to make the day. And this will show when you see this film. 

I want to send a special shout out to our Producer Allyson Mace. This was her first time producing a feature film. She is actually the founder and publisher


Union Station Hotel St. Louis, MO

of Sauce Magazine. But she did an awesome job and really killed it on this project. And when I say she killed it, let me tell you about my living accommodations. Usually I stay in a Motel 6 (which is cool), sleeping in basements or sleeping in water beds in a log cabin in the woods. But this project I stayed in a castle. St. Louis Union Station Hotel is an amazing place. The hospitality that good people at this hotel was 2nd to none. I could go on for days how good my stay was there but just know, if you are ever in St. Louis and want to stay downtown, stay there. They have this awesome light show every hour in the hall, its amazing and they have awesome food there.


The crew and some cast at the Fox Theatre

That’s all I have for now. Thank You Jenn for calling me for this project. Thank you Catherine for allowing me to lead the team to the finish line. Thanks Katie for doing the pre pro for me. This was your first time doing it and you knocked it out the park! Thank You Kyle for being an awesome person and DP. Thank you crew for being an awesome crew. Can’t wait to do it again! “LOTS TOO DO!!”


Be sure to check out all the pictures and links below.

BTS Pics

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Check out the GoFundMe page for post production!!

Channel 5 even came out to do a story on our movie. Check out some of the behind the scenes when we shot at Crystal City Underground Cave.

Until Next Time! Be positive and #MakeMovies!



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