That’s a wrap on “The Executioners”

So to wrap up a pretty exciting 2016 why not fly down to Florida and film a crazy movie called “The Executioners”. Let me rewind a little bit. So I was in St. Louis and I received a phone call from my friend Allan. Allan is a producer who will help produce my very first short film called “No Charge.” We’ve always kept in contact ever since that first project and he always said if he has a project I’m gonna be the first one to call, so he called me. He told me he had this awesome script that he was trying to shoot it and he needed an AD and the rest was history.

img_7932Any way so I fly down to sunny Florida leaving freezing North Carolina and get picked up in a convertible to welcome me back to Florida. The production for this project was pretty interesting to say the least. I originally suggested that we shoot this project and 20 days. The final schedule ended being 14 days but we finished in 16 days. This project wasn’t the easiest to get through but I excepted the challenge and we got to the end of the project and finished the movie. This movie will probably be one of the best movies that I’ve ever been 1st Assistant Director for. It pushes the limits it makes you very uncomfortable but I think in making controversial films like this one will stand out and be really good at the end of the day.


Belle, Kay, Angela and Lori have organized one last weekend in the house where they

15241961_1158492347567337_8290693122102131801_nspent many holidays together. The four inseparable friends have just finished the last year of college and soon each will follow its course in different cities. The pleasant evening soon turns into a nightmare. The house is taken into assault by three men from painted faces. They carry with them the seeds of an absurd violence, free and without limit. Cruelty seems free, primordial. But perhaps, behind it there is a reason.

You know a crazy thing happened to me this year. At the beginning of my transition to feature films from music videos, I struggled to find work. This year multiple projects got offered at once and I had to pick which project to take. For this project in Orlando, this was another case of having to choose between this project and two other ones. One in Los Angeles and one in Georgia. The one in Georgia started before I left St. Louis. I didn’t have enough time to prep for that one so I had to pass because I don’t want to come into a project under prepared. And the one in LA gave me dates after I confirmed the Orlando project. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that people give to AD their projects. But it was a bit stressful having to tell some producers no because I had another project.

IMG_8678.JPGBut anyway, back to this project. Giorgio Serafini, the director, was really great to work with in the highly stressful situation we found our selves in this film. We had actors drop out 2 days before principal photography. The script was written to a different house with a different layout. We had last-minute replacements to department heads a day before production. We went through 11 different schedule revisions for this project. But between Giorgio (Director), Allan (Producer), Adam (Coordinating Producer, and myself we stayed calm for the most part, put out all the fires and got the film in the can (technically cards on the hard drive but you know what I mean. And shout out to the crew! This year on every film I worked on, I had 1 other person on set that was a Full Sail grad. On this project, everyone except for like 3 people were either Full Sail grads, current Full Sail students or former instructors. Our film school is hella expensive but it produces some good students that eventually turn out to be some great industry professionals.

Also a special shout out to our cast of the film. Jemma, Rachel, Anna, Natalie, Mike, Anthony, Justin & Fernando. You guys gave a lot to get this film made and I thank you all for working with me and the crew on getting this project done.

As I wrap up this blog and this great year, I am reminded that this industry can be very up and down. I believe it was 2011. I got on a good streak of films and did 5 my second year into doing features then the following 2 years I only did 3 films over 2 years. Then the past 2 years I did 5 and 6 films each year. I’m looking to jump to 8 or even 10 films. Is it possible? I don’t know. The past 2 years I haven’t applied for any gigs except for 1 short film. I’ve built my network up well in 3 different states and they keep me busy but I still have down time and I’m looking for another region to get into. The mission next year is to work more, buy a new truck and buy a condo. Location to be determined… Side note: that is one of my biggest obstacles I’m facing in life right now. Where exactly to move too… I work in Georgia, St. Louis and LA but am hesitant to live in all 3 places… its really a tough choice… anyway..

Have a great New Year. If you do resolutions, aim high!!! Be positive! #MakeMovies and Be great!! Check all the links below. Feel free to share my blog and subscribe if you haven’t. Be Blessed!

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