That’s a wrap on “My Little Baby”

Excuse the tardiness but I’ve been busy prepping for my next projects that I forgot to blog about the last project I finished at the end of February. It was a fun and very interesting project and I hope the world gets to see it one day.

“My Little Baby” is about Jimmy, a child with extraordinary powers who has just lost his father. On Christmas Day, under the tree, among other gifts, is a pair of walkie-talkie toy. A night like so many walkie talkie starts to emit strange noises, while connecting with a parallel dimension to be met by the deceased father. From then on, Jimmy starts a radio relationship with his dead father. But this incredible touch means that even the mysterious creatures have free access to our world, thus disturbing the tranquility of Jimmy and mother Becky.

A little bit aboutDSC07223 the process of this Low Budget film tour that I’m on till I get my DGA days is one crazy journey. When you sign on to these projects, sometimes it is one of your greatest experiences ever and sometimes it’s the worst thing ever and you really want to quit but the way I was raised, I won’t quit. I have a goal and I will reach my goal. Period.

With that said, “My Little Baby” was a project that tested me as a person, professional and just about anything else you can test. We had 1 location, a house, where the homeowner and family were still living there while filming. We had an awesome child actor, who had to go to school for 3 hours during our workday but was in just about every scene. And we had a hard out of our location everyday at 9pm. And we couldn’t add any days at the end of our original end of production date because of the contract.


On top of that, my director Giorgio, who is a great guy, spoke very little English. His first language is Italian. There were a ton of obstacles that we faced during this production but when you surround yourself with a solid team, somehow things get done. Our actors, LaDon Drummond, Ethan Thompson, Jeremy were troopers. The crew! This was my 2nd movie in a row with a majority of this crew and when I say I would do 100 more movies with this particular crew, I am not lying. Even when times got tough, we found reasons to smile, laugh and keep moving towards getting this film in the can.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk your ear off. We finished everything we needed to film in Orlando and they have a pick up day in LA with a 2nd unit at a later date. This was a fun but very interesting project. I learned a lot on this project. We had our up, we had our downs but at the beginning, middle and end of the day, I’m making movies. I’m doing what I love and look forward to more experiences meeting new people and making movies all over the world!


BTS Pics

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BTS pics by Olga Thompson and Luis Rodriguez


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Pics by me

Foreign Press Links

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Dream big and smile! YOLO!



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