Douglas “Da Big Body” Martin (born 1981 in Great Lakes, Illinois) is a young but growing filmmaker. The son of working-class parents, he grew up not really knowing what he wanted to do with his life. He just really enjoyed playing sports and being competitive.


Douglas Martin began his filmmaking career while receiving his first degree, which came from Winston-Salem State University where he received his degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting from the School of Communication. His second degree (Bachelors) was in Film from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.


11750666_1682294615315938_8204650190034489947_nDouglas’ inspiration for film came from my first degree, which its focus was news. Douglas knew he didn’t like news at all but he loved working with the camera and talent. That interest in the camera turned into a 6 episode soap opera series (“Undergrad U.”) and several short films (“When Mama Cried” and “Perfect”). Douglas eventually ventured into the music video and commercial world. And with over 50 projects worked on (Director and 1st Assistant Director), Douglas is here to stay in the industry.

Some of the projects that Douglas has been involved in have been featured in the River Run Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC. Music videos have been featured on BET, MTV2 and some prominent Hip-Hop websites.

395776_10150755486493312_564033311_12136373_139945578_nAs a 1st AD, Douglas does not consider myself a “screamer.” He has found that running an efficient set can still be accomplished without creating unneeded tension. He does this by understanding what the crew is up against trying to do their jobs and treating them with dignity and respect. That is not to say he is a push over, but he still commands authority; he just does it without degrading people. Crews like him and he works well with Directors and DP’s.

As a Director, his interest is really telling a story that can touch people’s heart and really make them think about something really deep. Whether is drama or action, he feels he can make the story written on paper come to the screen and have the viewer take in the story and them come out like they either learned something or felt something.

For the future, Douglas plans on continuing to work with independent film crews all over the country. In efforts to avoid the pitfalls of the millions that head to California “trying to make it” every month, he has spent a significant amount of time refining his skills working on various independent films across the country. With a much stronger resume and a lot more experience, one day soon his impact on the Southern California and/or the New York film community will be much greater.


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