Happy New Year and New Music Video!!

Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Productive Happy 2013!!!


And what an awesome way to start the new year off then with a new music video from From The Ground Up Records artist Young Dirt. The record is called “Hello”. The Video was directed by Wuz Good and we shot this video in Orlando!

Check out the video and some pics below!

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“Make It Loud” Music Video

Hey world, I’m back with a music video update this time! This video is “Make It Loud” by Martha Munizzi f/ Pablo! I had a really good time at this shoot. The energy at this shoot was great! Everyone was there having lots of fun and getting the job done at the same time. Martha and Pablo brought there A game with the performances and all of the extras from the different church groups were amazing. And let me not forget about the dancers…. AWESOME! If I can remember right someone one told me they were in some type of competition or television show. Either way they would great. I didn’t even have to show them any moves…

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2011 Year in Review

What’s up world! I’m using this blog to wish and hope everyone had great and safe holidays. I have to say I actually had a great holiday with my family, friends and traveling! Good times!

As I look back on 2011, I am very proud of the progression I have taken in my career in the film industry. In 2010 I worked on over 30 music video and commercial projects. So my initial goal was to try to go over 50 music videos commercials for 2011.  I started out the year good…the first couple months (January/February) are traditionally slow, but in March things kicked off. I was kind of in a comfort zone with production companies that I had/have a working relationship with, but things changed, some people moved and the work flow was thrown off. Was I prepared for it? No. It took me a little bit to get back on my feet but I came back in the game more focused and kind of forced the progression in my career from music videos/commercials to film to move a lot faster. I kept telling myself, stop BS’ing and pursue longer form projects. So I buckled down and started sending my resume out to every independent movie shooting in the US and Canada.

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New Music Videos Update

Hey World! Here are a couple new music videos that came out over the last week! These videos were Co-Directed by Wuz Good and Akil Kurji and produced by beemac Films! And I have officially blessed the streets with a “Big Body Cameo” in the “Can I Kick It” music video. Wuz Good and I were participating in a rap battle in the video. It was pretty fun and random but we made it look like we know what we are doing! LOL Check out the pics and videos!

Behind the Scenes pics! Click Here



Merry Christmas and until the next update, Be Blessed!

~Big Body~

Naj “The Truth” Music Video

Me and Naj on set of "The Truth"

Hey world! Here is a an update with a music video I AD’d with an artist named Naj out of Paris, France. She came across the pond to work with the Director Wuz Good and Mizu Films. This was a very fun project. I think it was fun because the production was pretty fun and the crew rocked it but the night before was even more entertaining.

Wuz Good, AK (Director of Photographer) and myself had another video that day before and we wrapped at mid-night. Then we had to be on set with Naj at Club Play Orlando at 6 the next morning. We all, plus the producer (Tesha Burroughs) stayed at my house. You would think that we would go to the house and crash and try to get some rest for Naj’s video but we had the x-factor of Wuz Good and him insisting on making noise and putting on a show in the middle of the night so we got absolutely no rest at all. I tried to lock myself in my bedroom and get some sleep but when I woke up, AK is sleep on the floor in my room… We probably got 3 hours of sleep that night if we were lucky.

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“23 Alliance Party” Dynomite Diggz ft. Roc Mikey, G4 Marley, and Gunny

Helicopter Shots!!!

What’s up everyone!?!? Here we are with another update. This is 1 video of 6 I did with the Mazerati Music team. beemac Films brought me on for this week-long project and I worked with 2 directors Wuz Good and Akil Kurji. We were on a small island right outside Sarasota, FL and let me tell that place was beautiful besides the bugs that came out exactly at 8:00 pm and feasted on me everyday! LOL

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Alexandra Amor music video shoot for “Superstar”

Have a look at the Alexandra Amor music video “Superstar” directed by Wuz Good. We shot this in the lovely city of Miami. We had a few complications with the shoot and we ended up shooting the video twice but it turned out well both times. Have a look and enjoy!!!

Big Body

“Superstar” – Behind The Scenes

The Official Music Video

"Zoosk Girl" Music video shoot

So I just got from Miami a couple of days ago from another epic adventure with Director Wuz Good. This time we are doing a music video for a company called Zoosk (a dating service I believe) and the music video featured Flo Rida and T Pain. It was a pretty cool concept but the hard part was getting everything that Wuz Good wanted in 1 day. We originally started off with an 18-hour schedule, then it got knocked down to a 14-hour shoot, then eventually got knocked down to a 10-hour shoot because we were in a mansion that gets used a lot for productions and the neighbors really hate the lady that owns the place. The production almost got shut down 3 different times but we managed to get a lot of shots off anyway.

After telling some of my friends who the video was actually for, they were like “Damn Doug, you in the big leagues now”. And my response to that is when I start working with artist of that caliber on a weekly basis then I might consider “making it” once I knock out some more of this damn student loan! Until then, I look at these projects as another one on my way to making it!

The concept of the video is pretty cool. I’m not gonna spoil the video for you. I’m just gonna wait till the video comes out and you will enjoy it. I promise! Until then, enjoy a couple of cell phone pics I took during the shoot!

Shout out to Eddie B of BeeMac Films for always hiring me when they have a shoot, AK (Director of Photography) and all the Full Sail students who came down to help out on the project. They were some hard working souls on this project and everything that we got done couldn’t of been done without their help.

Check out this crazy video!!!

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Big Body

ADTR music video

Here is another teaser from a video I AD’d at the end of last year. It’s actually premiering on MTV so that is pretty cool. The band is called ADTR and this video was directed by Dan Dobi. I was really excited to work with him. His website is one of those sites where I go to to get inspired and keep working. His work is tight and he is a cool dude.

When the full music video comes online, of course you know I will post it.

This video was produced by Alex Purifoy of Broken Box Films

Dir. Dan Dobi

Me (AD) and Pete Chiaramonte (DP)

Brisco "Sliding/Black Shades"

Yo! Long time, no blog! But I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for my first feature that I am AD’ing but anyway to stay on subject. We shot this video in Miami towards the end of last year.

This video was Directed by Wuz Good. I haven’t worked with him in a while, so it was pretty cool to work with him again. We actually have a couple more videos that we have coming up. Also, this was my first time working with AK. He was the DP on this project. I like working with him, he’s made chill and makes the day much easier. Of course my brother Marcus was on the edit. That’s what he does! LOL

Anyway, let me stop speaking. Check out the video and I will blog to you guys later!

Produced By: BeeMac Films
Director: Wuz Good
Director of Photography: AK
AD/Colorist: Legendary Big Body
Editor: Marcus “M Kutta” Smaill
Shout out to Andrew Machol, Rob Vickers and Victor as well!