The Supervillians are Moving Out!

So this was my 2nd or 3rd video working with Director Carl Verna aka Video Verna. Wait do 2 videos in one day count as 1? Anyway, this time we were shooting The Supervillians. I haven’t really heard any of their music but we are friends on myspace but I knew that they had a strong fan base and a lot of the guys showed up to actually be in the video. I thought that was a pretty cool way to reach out to their fans.

Anyway, let’s talk about the music video. Carl had a pretty interesting concept for this video and pretty much Dom (the drummer) was narrating the story that is going along in the video. So we set up this double dolly set up where he was playing his drum set and singing with the story line going on behind him. Also with some added animation this video is suppose to play out as a seamless cut video. So that’s pretty cool.

The production went pretty cool. Carl doesn’t really work with shot list, so I go into it as we have this much time at each location to get whatever you want as far as shots. Initially we had 5 locations to shoot at but during the shot we cut it down to 3 locations during production because if you shot 5, we probably would of had an 18-hour day. But as far as the actual production, I think things went well. The whole crew communicated wonderfully. Sometimes I think walk-e-talkies are retarded because they never work but for this shoot they actually worked. They had head sets and I didn’t have to yell. It made operation about 100 times easier.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I will blog to you guys and gals later!

On set

Big Body


I’m Down 4 Whateva!!

This was an interesting shoot to say the least. A couple of key’s I didn’t really get along with cause they were spazzing the f*ck out all the time and adding stress. Everybody that knows me now of days knows that I am anti-stress. I used to let people piss me off then I snap. But I’m better now. LOL

This was a 2-day shoot and we shot it at a local high-school in Orlando. Wuz Good (the Director) for this project wanted to make this a sports theme and they had the idea to shoot at a school because it would be easier to move around there then moving to different locations around the city, which was a great idea. It made my job easier cause when I did the schedule, I put in padded time so when we went over in one location we saved time cause we didn’t have to do a company move anyway. We just changed locations that were 5 minutes away from each other.

The art department did their thing on this video as well. Roger also got sponsors from Hip Kat clothing and the Orlando Magic. And of course Marcus and Corday did their thing on the post end of things. Other than the rain and certain people acting a bit reckless at times, this project really came out good.

Special shout out to the Lution Crew for doing work!!


Check out the Behind the scenes:

The Official Music Video

Bag Full of Money, Bag Full of Cash!

So I was put on to this project by a wonderful friend of mine, Alexandria Taylor. She is an up and coming producer in the film world and she thought I would be good for this project so of course I took it.

Pike (from Alaska) and the GCB crew wanted to push a new single they had and I came up with an easy concept that they were happy with and it was fesable to do with the limited budget. We shot everything in 1-day. I had a couple people walk out when we had the garage scene with the guns and dope but they didn’t know the guns weren’t loaded and the ‘coke’ was flour. But I can understand if people who are not used to shooting music videos and random things come out like weed smoke and random things like guns on tables with fake cocaine. LOL, but it’s cool. No hard feelings.

Check out some pictures!
6.14.08 Pike Music Video Shoot

6.14.08 Pike Music Video Shoot

6.14.08 Pike Music Video Shoot.jpg

6.14.08 Pike Music Video Shoot.jpg

Concept: The concept that we did for this video was a day in the life of the Gulf Coast Ballers. Move work, party and rap!

Pike – “Bag Full of Cash” [Official Music Video] from Da Big Body on Vimeo.

"Fuel Your System" Rockstar Energy Drink Commercial

This was a pretty exciting project. This was my final project as a student at Full Sail University or any school of that manner. I swear it seems like I have been in school for forever and a day but I have two degrees to show for it. So I wasn’t a waist of time by any sort.

Anyway, back to the actual commercial. My approach to this project was really going after a specific target audience for the product and do something out of the box and something that my classmates wouldn’t even think of. Of course they did the stereotypical rockband or party atmosphere like commercials and my group and I decided to take a second and actually research what the “rockstar brand” actually markets too.

Originally we wanted to do a mix of sports like skateboarding, bmx, paintball, etc. But with budget constraints (no money) we had to come up with something that could capture the eye and still serve it’s purpose to market the drink to a target that Rockstar Energy drink actually caters too. So we came up with an exciting game of capture the flag. Paintball style!

Concept: An action packed day with the boys turns into an adrenaline fueled game of capture the flag meets the rock out attitude of Rockstar Energy Drink. A militaristic scenario paintball match reaches the brink of competition when the one team calls upon Rockstar to give them the winnng boost of energy.

Producer: Ryan Hitner
Production Manager: Paige DeMarco
Directed by: Da Big Body
Dir. of Photographer: Jonathan Bregel
1st AD: Brad Burke
Edited by: Marcus Small
Color Corrector: Murray Mile
Composer: Kris Fame
Cam Op: Matt Adams
1st AC: Kevin Griffin
Jib Op: Brad Patterson
Glide Cam: Derek Soter
Key Grip: Chris (Super grip) Fountain
Grips: Dan Lobosco, Justin Keller, Cody Kruger
Script Sup: Tim Hahn
Wardrobe and Makeup: Paige DeMarco

Spaceship, spaceship! All aboard!


The Spaceship project was another interesting project. First of all I was the 2nd AD on this project. But not to talk down people who 2nd AD, I really didn’t like doing it. I really felt out of the loop when the video was actually being made. That job (to me) consist of a lot of talking to extras and walking them to set and leaving. I don’t like that really, I like being in the mix of things, solving issues and running the actually production. But being the 2nd AD helped me really appreciate being the 1st AD, even as stressful as it can be, I’d much rather AD or Direct then do anything else in film.

On the post end of this project, Marcus did his thing but we had one of the animators bail out on us and it took over a month to actually finish this project. But after it was done and over a million views in a week on World Star Hip Hop, this video is still the shit. I just can’t listen to it that much because I heard the song over a million times sitting in Marcus’ house when he was editing.

Directors – MurrayMile/Wuz Good
DP – Jonathan Bregel
1st AD – Freddy
2nd AD – Da Big Body
Camera team – Burke, Kev Dogg, Ben Eck, Matt
Editor – Marcus “M Kutta” Small (with no S)

Dope Behind the scenes by Brad Patterson and Derek Soter:

RED Label Commercial

I directed this commercial back in March of 2008 for a indie record label (r. e. d. Label – which stands for rtistic expressions defined). Going into pre-production of this project, Tru (CEO of r.e.d. label) wanted the commercial to be in a first person point of view so that the artist can see the actual process of what it takes to be an artist on the label as well as making it in the business.

The song featured in the commercial is “Gotta Try” performed by r. e. d. Label artist Peter Baldwin who makes a cameo in the video as well as Hau (r.e.d. Label, music producer – Nastaytraxxx, Autumn, Drew, DJ Gonnie and a lot of other people who were extras in the video and I don’t really remember their names.

The only thing that sucks when doing little to no budgeted projects is that the things that you want to do in the particular project have to be dumbed down and make it feasible to do it the easy way cause you can’t get everything you want but I think this came out pretty cool.

r.e.d. Label Commercial from Da Big Body on Vimeo.

Some of the crew on this project:
Director of Photography: Jonathan Bregel
UPM: Alexandria Taylor
Camera Operators: Brad Burke/Kevin Griffin
Editor: Marcus “M Kutta” Small (with no ‘S’)
Key Grip/Gaffer: Chris “Super Grip” Fountain

Wuk Up Ya Waist!

What can I really say about this project? I was shooting my 16mm project at Full Sail University, which was three 12-hour days and then I had like a 8 hour turn around to AD this music video. To be honest, think this is the video where I coined the phrase “What the F*uck is going on?”

The concept called for a pool party and another location but they fell through and all we were left with was the pool house and the house that we shot at. During the shoot I was half sleep, I didn’t even do a shot schedule, the producer (who didn’t pay me-another story) did the schedule and like I said earlier I was on another shoot, Bregel (the DP) was in the zone but was kind of lost because everything kept changing on the fly and we had to rush things. So he didn’t have adequate time to light they way he wanted too. Wuz Good knew what was going on but had to do a new shot list on the fly because of the locations changed at the last minute. All of that makes for a confusing but fun 18-hour shoot as usual.

Besides all of that and the producer skipping paying a few key positions and running of to LA, the video turned out pretty good.

Crossovah -“Wuk Up Ya Waist” HD [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Wuz Good on Vimeo.