“Spare Room” Movie Trailer

So last year I got to work on a few projects out in Los Angeles, California. I had just finished 2nd AD’ing one project flew back to the East Coast and received a call for another project in LA like a week later and flew back out for a special project called “Spare Room.”


DoP Alan Caudilo & Director Jenica Bergere on set of “Spare Room”                                                                           photo by BigBody

A friend of mine suggested me for the gig, which I am forever grateful for. I talked with the Producer and the Director and it was a good fit, so we moved forward. 

You know I’ve been working in the film industry for a little while now and I always tend to have low expectations about everything just so I don’t get my heart-broken. But it turns out this project was one of my favorite projects to work on. Even though it was only 10 days, we shot with two cameras the whole time. This is my second feature film that I shot with two cameras. I wouldn’t suggest for everybody but if you as an AD, Director or Producer could handle mentally, it really cuts down your days when shooting a movie.

The Director, Jenica, Cast and crew were also a joy to be around. 97% of the time when you crew up for a project you don’t know everyone and how they will act. And sometimes you get a minor bump in the road. We had a bump for a hot second but we got rid of that bump and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I think sometimes people take for granted what we actually do for a living. I get to travel the US, hopefully international soon and work with creative people from all over and make movies. I used to work in Human Resources before I went to Full Sail University. Everyday I’m on set, I say a thank you to the most high and I never take it for granted. I think some people forget that.  


Our Co-Star Cole Sibus and I on the set of “Spare Room”


But I’m gonna stop rambling on about things. Have a look at the trailer and some of the behind the scene pics from my perspective. 

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Until next time. Be blessed. #MakeMovies



“Tonight She Comes” in Theaters – 1 NIGHT ONLY!! 10-5-2017

The Director of the film “Tonight She Comes”, Matt Stuetz, just announced that the film TSC will be in 76 US theaters FOR 1 NIGHT ONLY!!!!! 

So mark this date down and enjoy this awesome movie!

Thursday, October 5th at 10:30pm! Tickets are $5 and you can go to tonightshe.com to order now!!!!

TSC new poster

After a girl goes missing, two of her friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the cabin in the woods where she disappeared. They will laugh, they will drink, they will kiss, they will make love, and THEY MUST ALL DIE.

If the movie is in your area, spread the word! Support indie films!! Special shout out to everyone involved in this project! Crew and Cast! Cheers!

Until next time, be blessed and #MakeMovies!!


That’s a wrap on “The Executioners”

So to wrap up a pretty exciting 2016 why not fly down to Florida and film a crazy movie called “The Executioners”. Let me rewind a little bit. So I was in St. Louis and I received a phone call from my friend Allan. Allan is a producer who will help produce my very first short film called “No Charge.” We’ve always kept in contact ever since that first project and he always said if he has a project I’m gonna be the first one to call, so he called me. He told me he had this awesome script that he was trying to shoot it and he needed an AD and the rest was history.

img_7932Any way so I fly down to sunny Florida leaving freezing North Carolina and get picked up in a convertible to welcome me back to Florida. The production for this project was pretty interesting to say the least. I originally suggested that we shoot this project and 20 days. The final schedule ended being 14 days but we finished in 16 days. This project wasn’t the easiest to get through but I excepted the challenge and we got to the end of the project and finished the movie. This movie will probably be one of the best movies that I’ve ever been 1st Assistant Director for. It pushes the limits it makes you very uncomfortable but I think in making controversial films like this one will stand out and be really good at the end of the day.


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"Nah Leaving"

I like to start this blog with saying I’m sorry for not updating this blog as much as I should, I have been swamped with a lot of work lately (which is a good thing).

With that said, I had a pretty interesting week this past week. I got a phone call from Ricardo Drue (from the group Crossovah) and he was like “Yo, Doug. I just shot a video and I need you to edit the video!” “I was like cool, I’ll see what I can do.” Then he says “Oh yeah Doug, I need it done by Friday.” And we had this conversation on Monday.. lol.

So I was like cool, I got you man. Long story short, after transferring these 4k files shot of the Red cam, which took forever!! (I really hate but love Red cam footage) I went in and started editing the video. The video came out really good, considering I haven’t edited a music video in a while. I’ve been doing television sports news, which is a whole other world in editing. But the response was amazing. The director, Carl “Video” Verna loved it and the guys from the group loved it even more. Which made me really happy. That’s the real scary part about editing. Clients either love it or hate it. The middle very rarely happens.

Now most of the time I have a tendency to down play what I do in the entertainment industry cause I’m not a “bragger or name dropper” but after they told me the plans for the video, I actually got pretty excited. In hip hop culture, people of African American decent (black people) tend to think that you are not doing it big unless your video is on 106 and Park, but in the “real world” that’s not the case at all. I have worked on a million projects that have not seen the light of BET but I get paid to do this for a living and that makes it all the worth while of doing what I actually do.

Any who, this video will be on a slew of television and networks across the US and Caribbean (Synergy TV, Channel C, Tempo, Gayelle, Hype TV in more). I think its pretty cool to have your work seen on such a global scale. It’s not the first time but to me that never gets old. But anyway, enough talking about me. Check out the video!!!

Director: Carl “Video” Verna
Editor: Da Big Body

A Wild Carpet Ride!!

So where do I start. Oh yeah. Pre production! This is the first video that I have done with the core crew and we didn’t have 17 pre-production meetings and I didn’t mid at all! LOL But it was a little scary at the same time because we had NO meetings. But hey, let’s move forward.

Day 1: We shot the master green screen performance at F.I.R.S.T. school in Orlando. The second location we were suppose to shoot was a downtown penthouse but we ended up losing that location so we just shot the green screen for day 1. That’s where we start the somewhat downward spiral of stuff not going right.

2.7.09 16 Second Stare music video shoot.jpg

Day 2 comes around we have this kick a** location downtown Orlando. I believe we were shooting in this building next to old Club Paris. But something was different. Something happen to the lead singer and the band and he got replaced in the middle of the shoot but I didn’t figure that out till about 3 or 4 hours in. But MurrayMile the director for this project had everything figured out. And on top of that, we went hard (no homo) for 18 hours on the shoot for the 2nd day. Damn that was a long day but it was like my fourth time doing 18 hour days after 12 hour shoots.

I’m not going to ruin the surprise but the final video is going to be tight. We couldn’t really call ourselves filmmakers if everything turned out perfect each project. So he came up with this interesting way to tell the story in the video. So that’s enough talking for now. Check it out!!

2.7.09 16 Second Stare music video shoot

2.7.09 16 Second Stare music video shoot


The Official Video:

2 videos in 1 day! Why not?

1.17.08 Crossovah Music Video Shoot.jpg
So my former teacher and now fellow colleague Carl Verna hit me up on Facebook and was like “Big Body, I need you to AD two music videos for me in one day!” I was kind of taken back because Carl is known for his AD’ing in the industry. So why not AD for a person that can help me out and tell me what I need to improve on.

Show time! Going into this video, I was kind of anxious to work with a different director outside of my usual core of directors that I work with. You know everyone works differently and nothing is the same. but it was cool. We shot everything at Full Sail which made things easier but as you can see from some of the pictures, it was cold as hell! And we were outside during the coldest part of the night!

1.17.08 Crossovah Music Video Shoot.jpg
The first video was “Test De Foundation.” We shot this video all in one location on the backlot and we shot there for about 6 hours. It was like a big dance party outside for 6 hours. It turned out pretty cool. The final edit could of came out stronger but I can’t get everything I want!

Video 1
Test de Foundation

Video 2
Outta Control
1.17.08 Crossovah Music Video Shoot.jpg