That’s a wrap on “The Executioners”

So to wrap up a pretty exciting 2016 why not fly down to Florida and film a crazy movie called “The Executioners”. Let me rewind a little bit. So I was in St. Louis and I received a phone call from my friend Allan. Allan is a producer who will help produce my very first short film called “No Charge.” We’ve always kept in contact ever since that first project and he always said if he has a project I’m gonna be the first one to call, so he called me. He told me he had this awesome script that he was trying to shoot it and he needed an AD and the rest was history.

img_7932Any way so I fly down to sunny Florida leaving freezing North Carolina and get picked up in a convertible to welcome me back to Florida. The production for this project was pretty interesting to say the least. I originally suggested that we shoot this project and 20 days. The final schedule ended being 14 days but we finished in 16 days. This project wasn’t the easiest to get through but I excepted the challenge and we got to the end of the project and finished the movie. This movie will probably be one of the best movies that I’ve ever been 1st Assistant Director for. It pushes the limits it makes you very uncomfortable but I think in making controversial films like this one will stand out and be really good at the end of the day.


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You Got Me Going Out My Mind!!!

The was my frat brother’s (Marcus) first and probably the last music video he directed. Marcus said directing isn’t really for him but he did a good job. I originally wasn’t suppose to AD this project but people’s position got shifted around and I ended up AD’ing. This was another 1-day shoot but it was cool. We got the job done and the video is below.

Oh and a side-note! Never do green screen unless you have a lot of money to pay someone to do it. Marcus didn’t want to do the green screen after he shot it but it was his idea so he and Corday did it! LOL

Producer: James Parker
Director/Editor: Marcus “M Kutta” Small
Director of Photographer: Corey Jennings
1st AD: Da Big Body

RED Label Commercial

I directed this commercial back in March of 2008 for a indie record label (r. e. d. Label – which stands for rtistic expressions defined). Going into pre-production of this project, Tru (CEO of r.e.d. label) wanted the commercial to be in a first person point of view so that the artist can see the actual process of what it takes to be an artist on the label as well as making it in the business.

The song featured in the commercial is “Gotta Try” performed by r. e. d. Label artist Peter Baldwin who makes a cameo in the video as well as Hau (r.e.d. Label, music producer – Nastaytraxxx, Autumn, Drew, DJ Gonnie and a lot of other people who were extras in the video and I don’t really remember their names.

The only thing that sucks when doing little to no budgeted projects is that the things that you want to do in the particular project have to be dumbed down and make it feasible to do it the easy way cause you can’t get everything you want but I think this came out pretty cool.

r.e.d. Label Commercial from Da Big Body on Vimeo.

Some of the crew on this project:
Director of Photography: Jonathan Bregel
UPM: Alexandria Taylor
Camera Operators: Brad Burke/Kevin Griffin
Editor: Marcus “M Kutta” Small (with no ‘S’)
Key Grip/Gaffer: Chris “Super Grip” Fountain

I Got U!

So I have been in Florida for a few months now and one of the guys I meet (Tre Thurman) was in the Recording Arts Program at Full Sail University. And at the end of their program they have this thing called the producers showcase. Which is basically, they form groups and start a new song from scratch. (the beat, the lyrics, mixing and mastering, etc) and part of their presentation at the end of the month is to present the song to a panel of judges. And if they choose, they can shoot a music video for the song.

So that’s where I come in at. I was like cool, let’s do it. The only thing is when doing a session project by the time they actually finish the song, it’s probably about 3 days before the actual presentation. So that means, either pull some strings and get a bunch of equipment for free or not shoot the video. So luckily, I have been getting to know a lot of people in my short span at the school. So I was able to pull equipment and shoot on the 35mm soundstage at the school.

Shoot time!! So when it comes time to actually shoot the video and pull equipment from Candy Land, the instructor that was hooking me up bailed on me and said I can pick the equipment up 2 hours after we were suppose to get it. And on top of that I only had the soundstage for 4 hours. So 2 hours later, we finally get the equipment and shoot this video under 2 hours.

Then comes the post production part. My frat brother Marcus aka M Kutta is not in Florida. He decided to go to NC and be with his family!! LOL! Joking. He was in NC and he wasn’t coming back until the night before the project was due. So I did the rough cut and when Marcus finally came back he added the sprinkes on the edit!



“Perfect” is a short film I Directed written by my Reel Big partner Keith Caesar back in the end of 05. I actually shot this right before (3 or 4 months) the Platinum Playboys video. Another learning experience because it was pretty much J Money and myself doing everything but it was cool.

“Perfect” is a psychological thriller, which explores the need for wanting more and how sometimes what you see is not what you get.

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