That’s a wrap on “Terror Road”

I just wrapped a fun project with a good group of filmmakers in Orlando, FL. I didn’t think this project was gonna happen because of the crazy weather that has been hitting the east coast but the weather Gods really looked out for us and spared us the hard parts of the storm.

Stay tuned for more info from this project.


Douglas Martin (1st AD), Brian Shephard (Director), Erik Van Lenten (DoP), Allan Marrero (Producer)

The Skeleton Crew, Inc.

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Making Movies with Wuz Good

So still playing catch up. At the end of the “I Am That Man” project, I was getting ready to fly back to the east coast from Director Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong asking if I wanted to AD a short. I was like “when is it because I fly out on Thursday”. Wes was like cool, “we shoot on Wednesday.

So a little bit of history between Wuz Good and I. We went to Full Sail together and between the photo shoots, music videos and commercials, we worked on at least 50 projects together. After that run of projects, I set my eyes on feature films and Good turned his eye on the internet. While Wuz Good was killing the game on Vine and Instagram he always said the goal was to make movies and the opportunity presented itself to do a short and here is what we did.

Ding Dong Ditch.png

The short is called “Ding Dong Ditch” Staring Sunny Mabrey, Brandi Marie King, Joey Diggs Jr.  & Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong produced by Off The Dock. The digital studio of Lakeshore Entertainment.

Shout out to the cast and crew of this project. We knocked this out in 1 day  and it turned out amazing!!

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That’s a wrap on “Tybee”

So I behind on my blogs but I’m gonna catch up soon. Anyway, I don’t get to do short films 14470613_1351220158236303_2292876823851120608_nthat much anymore because they aren’t usually funded but every now and then I get one that comes across the desk and I get to work on one. This one I got to work on was called “Tybee” shot in Tybee Island, GA and directed by Jonathan Yoho.

It was a fun and ambitious story about a young man following the footsteps of his father against the concerns of his grandparents because it didn’t end well for him. And sometimes you have to learn your lessons the hard way.

We had a fun 3 days filming on Tybee Island. The dailies I saw looked incredible. The project probably won’t have a public viewing for a while. Jonathan was telling me his plans to have this film on the festival circuit.

Until next time! Be blessed! #MakeMovies and check out some BTS pics below.

BTS Pics

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“My Brother’s Keeper” poster

Every now and then I log on to Facebook and I’m hit with an awesome surprise. This time it is from a short film I just worked on October. The poster looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see the movie!! Props to everyone involved!


Be sure to follow our fan page for updates about the film on Facebook. Look out for announcements in the near future!


Falling From Grace – Full Sail 35mm final project

Well there comes a time in every film student’s educational career where you have the “thesis film.” And “Falling From Grace” was it for me at Full Sail.

This project and the whole 35mm process was a big ball of kayos too begin with. Not everyone wrote scripts but then you had to sign on to scripts to work on the crew. I personally was on about 7 different scripts and none of mine got chosen so I had the potential of working as a grip or something on a project. Now I don’t have anything against grips but that is not what I do.

So after the storm settles. I end up on the camera team (sighs. . .) for this project. Let’s fast forward to the pre-production and actually building the set. I kind of mixed these two steps because pre-pro was pretty light on my side. I was on the camera team. Then came building the set. I am a fan of building sets, measuring stuff and cutting things with powerful saws. I think it’s fun to build stuff and it brings out the manly man part of every guy when your cutting stuff! lol Things were going good. I’m usually the lead foreman when it came to the school projects and I pretty much was on this one with Kev Dogg. We were building away on this project just like we did on the project Perception but this time we were thrown a different lab teacher who will remained nameless. And he came with an attitude. He out of no where thought I was slacking and not working because I take things seriously but my personality doesn’t put that out and so we had problems. Then I turned into ass hole Doug. So to make a long story short, he tried to take GPS points off of my grade and fail me but I am good with the other teachers so that didn’t happen!

So here we go on the actual production. Long story short. The AD didn’t have her A game on to say the least and we shot a lot of wide shots. I was frustrated with what we were shooting cause we have to edit the footage and from an editors standpoint, editing wide shots is a waste of time. But I was on the camera team and I was learning a lot about the Arri Studio Cam and the Arri 235 camera. We did shoot at a cool location downtown Orlando on Church Street. And another bad not was Krafty. That probably was the worst I have ever had. We shot 12 am to 12 noon and they thought it was a great idea to eat burgers (cold) at 6 am. Terrible! I always ended up leaving and going to McDonald’s. I didn’t tell anybody else cause they probably would of made a scene out of it.

Post production:
So here is where the fun begins at Full Sail. This is where most students start talking ish and complaining on why their edit sucks. But I always go in and try to save the film and make a good story out of it no matter how bad it was shot. In order to take some wide shots out and make some close ups, I choose to add the anamorphic bars to the movie and use the 3d camera movement in the Avid to create new camera movements and close ups. I was really happy with the outcome from what we started with. I had a team help me out. I had my man Dan Selby come through and help with the sound design. Kev Dogg came through with the color correction. Victor did an amazing after effects intro. Kris Fame did the amazing score. So it was a team effort to get this project done and I think it turned out the best it could. The final cut is pretty long but I stayed on course with the actual script instead of doing the “student editor” thing and re-creating a new story and sucking! lol Be sure to check it out.

Behind The Scenes:

Falling from Grace (35MM short):


“Perfect” is a short film I Directed written by my Reel Big partner Keith Caesar back in the end of 05. I actually shot this right before (3 or 4 months) the Platinum Playboys video. Another learning experience because it was pretty much J Money and myself doing everything but it was cool.

“Perfect” is a psychological thriller, which explores the need for wanting more and how sometimes what you see is not what you get.

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