Grandmother’s Murder Club Movie Trailer & Kickstarter

Hey everyone! Here is another update from one of the projects I did last year in the “Show Me State” St. Louis, Missouri last year.

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Grandmother’s Murder Club is a dark comedy starring four grandmothers who accidentally kill a con man.  When the con man’s partner shows up, things go south quickly.  This film stars Florence Henderson, Pam Grier, Judge Reinhold, Randall Batnikoff, Susie Wall and Sally Eaton.

And the project is almost finished. We just need your help to finish this movie.

We are raising money for:

  • Music Licensing
  • Special Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Film Score Composition

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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“Make It Loud” Music Video

Hey world, I’m back with a music video update this time! This video is “Make It Loud” by Martha Munizzi f/ Pablo! I had a really good time at this shoot. The energy at this shoot was great! Everyone was there having lots of fun and getting the job done at the same time. Martha and Pablo brought there A game with the performances and all of the extras from the different church groups were amazing. And let me not forget about the dancers…. AWESOME! If I can remember right someone one told me they were in some type of competition or television show. Either way they would great. I didn’t even have to show them any moves…

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2011 Year in Review

What’s up world! I’m using this blog to wish and hope everyone had great and safe holidays. I have to say I actually had a great holiday with my family, friends and traveling! Good times!

As I look back on 2011, I am very proud of the progression I have taken in my career in the film industry. In 2010 I worked on over 30 music video and commercial projects. So my initial goal was to try to go over 50 music videos commercials for 2011.  I started out the year good…the first couple months (January/February) are traditionally slow, but in March things kicked off. I was kind of in a comfort zone with production companies that I had/have a working relationship with, but things changed, some people moved and the work flow was thrown off. Was I prepared for it? No. It took me a little bit to get back on my feet but I came back in the game more focused and kind of forced the progression in my career from music videos/commercials to film to move a lot faster. I kept telling myself, stop BS’ing and pursue longer form projects. So I buckled down and started sending my resume out to every independent movie shooting in the US and Canada.

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Naj “The Truth” Music Video

Me and Naj on set of "The Truth"

Hey world! Here is a an update with a music video I AD’d with an artist named Naj out of Paris, France. She came across the pond to work with the Director Wuz Good and Mizu Films. This was a very fun project. I think it was fun because the production was pretty fun and the crew rocked it but the night before was even more entertaining.

Wuz Good, AK (Director of Photographer) and myself had another video that day before and we wrapped at mid-night. Then we had to be on set with Naj at Club Play Orlando at 6 the next morning. We all, plus the producer (Tesha Burroughs) stayed at my house. You would think that we would go to the house and crash and try to get some rest for Naj’s video but we had the x-factor of Wuz Good and him insisting on making noise and putting on a show in the middle of the night so we got absolutely no rest at all. I tried to lock myself in my bedroom and get some sleep but when I woke up, AK is sleep on the floor in my room… We probably got 3 hours of sleep that night if we were lucky.

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2011 OCPS PSA’s pt. 1

On set with Wuz Good and AK (DP)

Hey everyone!! Here is a quick update for some commercials I AD’d early summer with Wuz Good and Domino Effect Productions. We did 4 commercials in 2 days in this first batch of commercials. They were pretty cool. We have been doing these videos for 3 years now I think and each year I think the crew and I take them up a notch each year.

Anyway, check out the videos below!

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“Fly Kicks” Music Video!!

Brianna and the crew on the set of "Fly Kicks"

Hey everyone!! Check out this new video by one of Poe Boy Music Groups artist Brianna!! The video was directed by Wuz Good and produced by Eddie B of beemac Films!! This was a cool project to work on! When we were filming in the Shoe Gallery in Miami, we were shooting the in store master performance scene and I just took a second just to look around and check everyone else’s reactions and everyone was rocking out to the record. To me the set had that back in the day Bad Boy with Puff Daddy dancing around in the background vibe to it!

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Dynomite Diggz – “Fresh”

Dynomite Diggz on set

Here is another music video from the Mazerati Music team member Dynomite Diggz. This video is a pretty much straight forward performance video with a flashy edit from M Kutta! Check the video and some pics from on set! Video directed by Wuz Good and produced by beemac Films. 

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“No Charge” Short Film

I AD’d an awesome short film!!! So to start off I like to catch you guys up on what I’m doing with my career. Right now, I kind of put myself in a box. Meaning in the film world I’m a “music video and commercial guy”. In a normal world that might be looked at as a good thing but it’s not when you are trying to make that transition into the film world. For some reason, some Producers and Directors don’t think I am capable to AD a feature film…..

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Dynomite Diggz Feat Adam Mac – Top of The World

On Set for the "On Top Of The World" video


Yo!! What’s up good people! I’m back with another update from the Steve Francis Mazerati Music project I AD’d a while back. This video was not supposed to be what it turned out to be, but you know in the film world, most of the time we are thrown a curve ball and we lost the location and we had to come up with a new concept and treatment on the spot.

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“23 Alliance Party” Dynomite Diggz ft. Roc Mikey, G4 Marley, and Gunny

Helicopter Shots!!!

What’s up everyone!?!? Here we are with another update. This is 1 video of 6 I did with the Mazerati Music team. beemac Films brought me on for this week-long project and I worked with 2 directors Wuz Good and Akil Kurji. We were on a small island right outside Sarasota, FL and let me tell that place was beautiful besides the bugs that came out exactly at 8:00 pm and feasted on me everyday! LOL

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