“Spare Room” Movie Trailer

So last year I got to work on a few projects out in Los Angeles, California. I had just finished 2nd AD’ing one project flew back to the East Coast and received a call for another project in LA like a week later and flew back out for a special project called “Spare Room.”

DoP Alan Caudilo & Director Jenica Bergere on set of “Spare Room”                                                                           photo by BigBody

A friend of mine suggested me for the gig, which I am forever grateful for. I talked with the Producer and the Director and it was a good fit, so we moved forward. 

You know I’ve been working in the film industry for a little while now and I always tend to have low expectations about everything just so I don’t get my heart-broken. But it turns out this project was one of my favorite projects to work on. Even though it was only 10 days, we shot with two cameras the whole time. This is my second feature film that I shot with two cameras. I wouldn’t suggest for everybody but if you as an AD, Director or Producer could handle mentally, it really cuts down your days when shooting a movie.

The Director, Jenica, Cast and crew were also a joy to be around. 97% of the time when you crew up for a project you don’t know everyone and how they will act. And sometimes you get a minor bump in the road. We had a bump for a hot second but we got rid of that bump and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I think sometimes people take for granted what we actually do for a living. I get to travel the US, hopefully international soon and work with creative people from all over and make movies. I used to work in Human Resources before I went to Full Sail University. Everyday I’m on set, I say a thank you to the most high and I never take it for granted. I think some people forget that.  

Our Co-Star Cole Sibus and I on the set of “Spare Room”


But I’m gonna stop rambling on about things. Have a look at the trailer and some of the behind the scene pics from my perspective. 

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Until next time. Be blessed. #MakeMovies



Finally made it to LA! #MakingMovies

Hey what’s up world! Guess what?!? As you can tell from the title, I finally made it to LA! Yeah, you can say I was putting it off for a while but I received a phone call that I couldn’t say no too. Nnegest Likké (Director of Ben and Ara) gave me a call and said she wanted to work with me again and she wanted to bring me out to LA to do the project. So fast-forward a month and I’m in LA in full fledge pre production for the movie “Everything But a Man”! We had a couple of hiccups in pre production but we got rid of the dead weight, corrected the ship and got into production.

“Everything But A Man” is the story of a strong, sexy, successful but lonely career woman who has everything going for her except love. She’s an Ivy League-educated, criminal defense attorney with a lucrative law practice, lives in a million dollar home and drives the latest model Mercedes. The only thing missing from her picture-perfect life is a man. This film is staring Monica Calhoun (Best Man) and Jimmy Jean-Louis (Hero’s).

This production wasn’t the smoothest but I was very grateful for the opportunity and everything that I learned on this project will help me be a better Assistant Director as long as I’m in the film industry. You can read how to react to different situations in plenty of books but those books don’t hold weight to when your feet are in the middle of the fire of a production. Because those of you who are in production know, you never know what is going to happen “on the day” no matter what you have scheduled. Just be ready!

I always have great experiences when I work with LA crews and this project was another. I meet a group of great people on this project. My 2nd AD (Frederick) and PA’s (Damian, Carl, Caleb & Aiesha) that work with me on this project were great. I really wouldn’t have made it to the end of this project without them. Recently (May 25) the film completed the international portion of the movie. I wasn’t able to go down to Haiti for that part of the project but with the conclusion of that portion, I believe the film would be completely picture wrapped except for 1 pickup day for the opening sequence of the movie.   Below are stills from set and some of my pictures I took while roaming around LA. And below those slide shows are some updates from a couple of other productions I worked on the end of last year.

Production Pics from the set of “Everything But A Man”

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Personal Photography

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 “Everything But a Man” IMDB

 Ben & Ara update: I recently caught up with the Producer and actor in the film Joseph Baird over BBQ at Baby Blues BBQ in Venice Beach, CA. He shared with me that this awesome film has been submitted to a number of film festivals across the globe. Its going to go through the festival circuit for a year then hopefully the film will land distribution and get a streaming and DVD deal. I really hope it does. This film was unique and very good. I can’t wait for the world to see it!

 “Ben & Ara” IMDB

 Grandpa’s Psycho update: Danny LeGare (Writer/Director of the film) recently shared on his Facebook page that the film has finished the post production process and plans on screening the film in June!! I’m really excited about this screening, hopefully I can make it up there but right now I’m scheduled to be on another production in Central Florida but I know this film is going to be a good one.

Grandpa’s Psycho IMDB  | Movie Trailer

That’s all I have as far as updates for now. If you are a new visitor to the site make sure you check out all my other pages and services I render. If you are in need of preproduction help visit my Breakdown Services page or My Contact page. Lets Make a Movie!!! Cheers 11102680_10100319886447530_1835872137837590515_n