Making Movies with Wuz Good

So still playing catch up. At the end of the “I Am That Man” project, I was getting ready to fly back to the east coast from Director Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong asking if I wanted to AD a short. I was like “when is it because I fly out on Thursday”. Wes was like cool, “we shoot on Wednesday.

So a little bit of history between Wuz Good and I. We went to Full Sail together and between the photo shoots, music videos and commercials, we worked on at least 50 projects together. After that run of projects, I set my eyes on feature films and Good turned his eye on the internet. While Wuz Good was killing the game on Vine and Instagram he always said the goal was to make movies and the opportunity presented itself to do a short and here is what we did.

Ding Dong Ditch.png

The short is called “Ding Dong Ditch” Staring Sunny Mabrey, Brandi Marie King, Joey Diggs Jr.  & Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong produced by Off The Dock. The digital studio of Lakeshore Entertainment.

Shout out to the cast and crew of this project. We knocked this out in 1 day  and it turned out amazing!!

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Until next time! #MakeMovies

~Big Body



BTS for “Can’t Sleep”

DaBigBody & Director Wuz Good

Yo!! Here is another update for another video I AD’d. Looks like this month is gonna be a good month. A lot of videos that I have worked on in the past few months are finally coming out! Here is the behind the scenes for Poe Boy Records artist J Randall. The song is “Can’t Sleep” and it features T Pain on the track. This was my second time working with T Pain and was another fun experience. T Pain has fun when he works and I don’t blame him. I think I would be a hybrid of him and Ocho Cinco if I were a rich athlete or artist. They make mad money and have fun making more! This is the third video I have done with J Randall. When it comes to J Randall, he is gonna dance like never before and he does it again with this video! I can’t for you guys to see the final project cause it is a good one!! Props to Wuz Good and BeeMac films for allowing me to be apart of the project.

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